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Are You Ready to Shine Without Burning Out?


I remember a time where every. single. decision. I made was based on how much energy it would take from me.

I operated from the feeling that my energy supply was in the reserve already and just one thing could topple me into completely empty, followed by a crash.

This was such a fear-based way to live and it kept me perpetually geared into survival mode. There was certainly no shining or thriving happening.

And that was the hardest part…I had such a deep sense of what I could be and what an impact I could make in the world but I was terrified to long for it too much, over-commit or take on much more and so my dream stayed only a dream for so many years.

Can you relate?

Are you a go-getter woman, filled with ideas and a desire to live a meaningful life but the most you can do is imagine what that would look like because you are too tired to do anything more? Has chronic fatigue got you feeling desperate, powerless and really not enjoying yourself or your life?

It does not have to stay that way.

In fact, the very thing you are hating – your fatigue – can be the rallying call to consciously, re-create your life in a balanced and thriving way. I can support you to do this. Through my own healing journey I created a process that I then honed through working with many very tired women and the result is my one-on-one Fatigue to Flow Coaching Programme.

This 4-month coaching intensive (including 8 online sessions and 3 BodyTalk sessions) is designed to empower women to become conscious of the body, mind and spirit factors that keep them stuck in fatigue and the tools that can help them transform from fatigue to having more flow, ease and vitality.

While the coaching programme is not going to be a quick fix and is a move away from just supplements and diets promising quick results, it lays the foundation to take your health into your own hands so that you can bring about consistent and lasting health changes.

A wonderful side-effect many have experienced is to become super clear on their truth, purpose and passion once they let go of the old patterns and habits that fed the fatigue and the need to live small.

To qualify for this offer:

• You must be a woman (or identify as woman) between 35 and 45 years of age and someone who is ready and willing to take responsibility for your healing.
• Preferably you must have already seen a health professional to rule out any serious physical illness.
• You must be a heart-led entrepreneur or have a strong calling to make a change and create something that will bring about more meaning personally and for others.
• It will be very useful if you have a sense of a power greater than yourself and are on a spiritual journey of sorts, which can be as simple seeking for something more.

Please reach out via a complimentary call to see if this is a fit for you and to get a taste of what I have to offer through my coaching.


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