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More of the same won’t bring change but THIS will….


When Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome repeatedly brought me to my knees over a period of 5 years I knew that I needed to be doing something different to receive or experience something different. However, I was too tired and too overwhelmed to figure out what needed to change and, instead, kept doing what I always did when I was overwhelmed – I added more things e.g. supplements, a special diet, rules about what was ‘good’ and what was ‘bad’ (all based on external sources) and I did more of whatever I had been doing because hard work and effort always pays off right?

Or does it?

What I finally realised was that it wasn’t about adding more or doing more. It was very much about letting go. Letting go of all the old patterns – ways of thinking about life, ways of responding to life and ALL the things I was holding so tightly together and holding for everyone else. Only then could I make space to RECEIVE more of what I needed to become healthy – more nourishment, support, rest, energy, love, and mostly, receiving intuitive guidance from my own body about my own unique needs. Then my body had the ingredients it needed to come back into balance using its innate knowledge.

That is why the Assessment phase, Connection phase and then Release phase is followed by the Receive phase in my 1:1 Fatigue to Flow Coaching program. We have to become aware of what doesn’t work, feel safe enough to let it go, then actually let it go, to make space to receive what is right for our own bodies and our healing.

The work of Juliet Haines has played a massive role in my healing journey and adds to all the phases of my coaching. I was attracted to her focus on the masculine and feminine energies because most of us who burn out express and operate in life largely from an out-of-balance masculine energy which is disconnected from the feminine energy.

Through Juliet’s guidance I learned to become more conscious of the masculine and feminine; to feel the softness and nurturing of the feminine while experiencing the stillness, presence and structure of the masculine; to feel more safe in my life; to be able to deeply surrender and, finally, to receive – a profound sense of being supported, guided by a deep knowing, and nourishment. THIS was what really took my healing journey up to a whole new level.

Juliet is currently offering 4 complimentary guided embodiment sessions(starting 8th July). This spiritual and embodied process can honestly be the missing piece for many women when it comes to healing fatigue. Our fatigue starts in our body and needs to addressed in the body.

During each session she will guide you to open to the feminine in connection with the masculine to balance these energies for optimal connection, balance, joy, vitality and healing.

Juliet has the capacity to create the most incredibly sacred and beautiful space for transformation, healing, being, feeling and remembering who you truly are as a women during these transformational times on our planet.

It is in the connection and the remembering that the layers of exhaustion fall away and the conditioning that creates the exhaustion is purified.

All sessions are live teachings and you will receive recordings of the sessions if you are unable to attend live.

Please note that these 4 sessions are an introduction to her one year programme but on their own the 4 sessions will still be very valuable. Also, please note that I am an affiliate for her one year programme but the only reason she offered me an affiliate link was because I was referring so many people to her already!

If anything I have shared resonates with you please do yourself the favour of receiving this free gift from Juliet  and allowing your body to experience a new way of being for healing and massive transformation.


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