• Are you constantly tired and overwhelmed?
  • Does it feel like you cannot fulfill your dreams?
  • Do you feel like you are just surviving and not thriving?

Discover how to live a more conscious life to release old patterns that create exhaustion and create a space for ease, flow and purpose!

To the outside world I am a mother, wife, psychologist, BodyTalk practitioner and often known as the psychologist who “does that thing” (being a combination of my training as a hypnotherapist and psychologist together with a focus on body and mind connection and the use of muscle testing, energy healing, tapping, reiki and mindfulness practices to assist clients to find balance)!

On the inside who I am has had a big overhaul recently and I’ve recently added to my list that I am someone who chooses to stand in my power, speak my truth and share with love. This is definitely a work in progress (and most likely will remain one for the rest of my days) but as a result I have added author and speaker to my list of offerings. 

I’ve had a profound journey, which continues still, from being deeply disconnected to finally experiencing the joy of expressing my truth and standing in my power. This has taken me through the depths of depression, the angst of worry and anxiety and the obstacles of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.

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5 Powerful Secrets for Overcoming Your Chronic Fatigue
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