Are you tired of being tired?

Discover how to finally overcome your Adrenal Fatigue & Chronic Exhaustion with my unique body, mind & soul approach!

I was once there too and now I have 5 powerful secrets to share about healing from chronic exhaustion and why a body and mind approach is the answer.

"Through skills learnt with Kerry, I am developing a compassionate, friendly, grown-up relationship with myself and in turn those I am close to. I have experienced a genuine, meaningful shift in the quality of being me."
- LRH -

About my approach

I offer a unique, integrated body, mind and soul approach to overcoming Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Exhaustion.

While supplements and dietary changes may work in the short-term the change often does not last long-term and a rollercoaster of crashes and treatment can occur. These “quick fixes” are not meant to be crutches and do not address the underlying psychological and personality factors that feed into the physical imbalance and exhaustion. I therefore address healing from a more holistic approach to bring about long-term transformation (especially if in collaboration with the initial supplementation and continued dietary awareness).

I have personally experienced Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and not only healed myself physically but also opened my life up to all sorts of incredible experiences and opportunities as I have stepped into my truth which was hidden beneath the fatigue. I now choose to share that truth with others so they can do the same.

"Kerry’s guided consultation made me feel like I was achieving a constant progression in my personal development. At no time did I feel stagnated or that a session was wasted by mere chatter. Her use of BodyTalk during her sessions has made for a wonderful new way to heal. I would recommend her to anybody wanting to grow into their true selves and uncover their hidden potential. The journey is not easy but the benefit far outweighs the discomfort. And you would want Kerry guiding you through every step of the way."
- SM -
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, alone and powerless?
  • Do you feel you are barely surviving and certainly not thriving?
  • Do you feel guilty that you cannot be there for others in your life as you would like to?
  • Do you know that there is a better version of you that is possible, but you are too tired to reach it?

My body and mind approach has helped clients to:

  • Release blocked energy and physical imbalance related to belief systems, past events and physical stress and holding
  • Become aware of the adapted or false self they have created, and how it is making them live small and feel unwell
  • Release unconscious patterns and beliefs that deplete energy and create way too much ‘work’
  • Tap into their power to co-create the life and health they desire
  • Access their purpose and truth and thereby create flow, energy, ease and joy
  • Live a meaningful life and experience their greater selves that they have always sensed within
  • Feel safe and secure in the world no matter what is happening around them
  • Feel capable of overcoming any challenges through recognising the gift and transformation possible in every experience
"I was initially referred to Kerry by a friend who thought I’d benefit from BodyTalk sessions with Kerry. I soon realised that Kerry uses a holistic approach to healing the body, mind, heart and soul. Kerry has a wonderfully empathetic and thoughtful approach to therapy and has an amazing ability to tap into what it is that I’m going through, and always has practical and insightful ideas about what might help me to bring about change in my own life."
- MW -

There are currently two ways of working with me one-on-one...

3-Session BodyMind Balance

You will schedule 3 dates to meet with me and I will carry out your distance BodyTalk sessions before the calls. In these calls I will share the information that came up during the sessions as well as what the healing focussed on.

In our final session I will integrate the information with a focus on areas of imbalance and themes that came up and recommend some further practices and steps to take that may assist you on your healing path. You should start experiencing benefits from the sessions from the very first session and then the further sessions will build on that.

Fatigue to Flow Coaching Intensive

The 8-session Fatigue to Flow package includes 8 online sessions over a period of three months during which time we will work together to help you to become more aware of what created your exhaustion in the first place and, also, why you are battling to get better.

I will equip you with tools to live life with more ease and flow to prevent you from wasting valuable energy and I will also help you to identify when you need to put your tools in place, through increasing your connection with yourself.

Discover 5 Powerful Secrets for Overcoming Your Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Depletion

Empower yourself to move from fatigue to flow with this valuable information!

In this guide you will discover:

  • How your body and mind work together to cause the fatigue
  • How to awaken from the domination of past patterning
  • How to move from hopeless to hopeful with a new way of seeing your fatigue
  • Why chronic fatigue could be a valuable wake up call
  • How to move from fatigue to ease and flow
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5 Powerful Secrets for Overcoming Your Chronic Fatigue
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