Schedule Your Complementary Session

I am very happy that you want to empower yourself to overcome your chronic fatigue and look forward to assisting you!

To help you with your fatigue and overwhelm I will carry out a remote (distance) BodyTalk session to:

  • balance Body, Mind and Spirit,
  • address emotional, physical, energetic, mental and environmental factors that contribute to your chronic fatigue,
  • reduce holding and tension in the body through increasing the parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) response,
  • increase your conscious awareness of what is making you tired so you can respond and choose more consciously in life,
  • improve communication and integration throughout the body and mind,
  • balance the head, heart and gut brains.

This is how the process will work:

  1. You will be prompted by email to upload a recent photograph for me to work with.
  2. I will complete the BodyTalk session before the call.
  3. On the call I will share the feedback with you and I will also share a powerful technique to balance the brain and reduce stress.

The BodyTalk session creates shifts from the moment it is carried out and is further integrated when you receive the feedback.

Over to you:

Your next step is to schedule your 20 minute discovery call which you can do below!

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