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Do You Really Want to Heal? The answer may surprise you…


I bet that if you’ve been experiencing chronic exhaustion for some time you’d really like something to change?

The thing is… Are YOU ready to change?

We cannot expect anything to be different if we don’t allow ourselves to release what is creating the exhaustion and to make space for the new that we want to receive.

Humans are naturally attracted towards that which will bring the least pain so we tend to often stay stuck in what we don’t like because we’re afraid of the changes that may need to happen to experience that which we really desire (or we just do not know how to receive what we desire).

Perhaps it feels safe to have fatigue (e.g. it stops us from putting ourselves out there and shining bright which could result in rejection and abandonment). Often we can convince ourselves that safe feels good. But what about letting go of good to make way for GREAT?

In nature the cycles of life and death are completely normal and there is no resistance. There is the innate knowledge that one is necessary for the other. We have to have death to have re-birth just as we need night to have day. We also need to rest to have energy. We cannot just have energy without any conscious choices to rest, make some changes and adapt what is not working.

And often some supplements and a diet change are not going to be enough. This is the case when are some deeper, underlying root changes that need to happen.

I know how scary it can be….especially when you’ve been battling with chronic fatigue for a very long time. For one thing, it can be scary to even hope that change is possible. But when you can find the courage to release the old patterns, the old belief systems, the old behaviours, THAT’s when the magic happens.

That is when you start to receive everything you need for balance, health and vitality. Your body wants to be in balance and to receive the health that is your birth right. You just need to know how to let go of the possible unconscious ways you prevent yourself from receiving this.

When you release it creates a vacuum to receive. When you allow the dying it creates the conditions for birthing what you really want. That is why I ensured that I created a stage in my coaching programme to focus on receiving, following the phase of releasing what is in the way of that happening.

A really great way to practice receiving is to acknowledge the ways you have received in your life every day. Just this morning I used the gratitude practice – thinking of all I have to be grateful for in my life, and when I got up for the day and turned on my phone I saw I had an invitation to be a speaker – something I have been aspiring to do more!

Is it possible that the time has come for you to receive the greatness that is your birth right?

Is it possible that your battle with fatigue is the way your body is pushing you to open up to receive something more? Something greater?

What do you need to let go of to make space to receive?

Let me know if I can support you with these questions by commenting below or send me an email: [email protected]


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