The Day I Thought I Was Super Human But I Was Actually Dying Inside


9 years ago, when my daughter turned one, I hoped desperately it was like some magical turning point that I’d been longing for – that somehow I’d have the energy to be the perfect mom I’d imagined I would be, the fog would clear, the bog would let go of my body and I’d be ‘normal’ again.

Yet it’s crazy what I expected ‘normal’ to be – which is what I aspired to for her first birthday party. My husband was away, I had a cold and a one year old with reflux, yet I was planning and organising the entire birthday party myself.

I EVEN MADE THE BIRTHDAY CAKE MYSELF – with chocolate ganache filling and little floating piggies made out of fondant. I mean come on, woman, what were you thinking?!

(deep breath, lots of compassion for myself…..)

I just so desperately wanted everything to be OK. On some level I felt that if I could pull it off, it meant I was still OK. That there was still some semblance of the old, capable me in there somewhere.

I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome the following month. Little did I know that that was the first step to an amazing new version of “normal” that I could never have conceived of.

Can you relate? Are you normally a go-getter women who makes things happen but these days anything you put your energy into seems to be followed by a crash? Perhaps you are filled with big ideas and a deep longing to make a difference in the world but your own world seems to be bogged down by fatigue, leaving you feeling frustrated, powerless and desperate?

Please know that there is hope!

Through my own healing journey I created a process that I then honed through supporting many women to overcome chronic fatigue and the result is my 1:1 Fatigue to Flow Coaching Programme. This 4-month online coaching intensive is designed to empower women to become conscious of the body, mind and spirit factors that keep them stuck in fatigue and the tools that can help them transform from fatigue to having more flow, ease and vitality.

The coaching will help you leverage your fatigue and physical imbalance as the springboard into not only overcoming fatigue but learning how to embrace the greatest version of yourself that is calling to you.

I have received feedback that the coaching has supported women to feel more in control, hopeful, motivated, and confident for the first time in many years. A wonderful side-effect many have experienced is to become super clear on their truth, purpose and passion once they let go of the old patterns and habits that fed the fatigue. Instead of the old, exhausting pushing life starts to flow more easily.

While the coaching programme is not going to be a quick fix, like taking a pill, it begins the transformation and lays the foundation to take your health into your own hands so that you can bring about consistent and lasting health changes.

To qualify for this offer, you must be between 35 and 50 years of age and someone who is ready and willing to take responsibility for your healing.
You must ideally have seen a health professional to rule out any more sinister reasons for your fatigue
You must be a business women with an established business or venture or someone who has a strong calling to make a change and create something that will bring about more meaning personally and for others.
It will be very useful if you have a sense of a greater calling or are on a spiritual journey of sorts even if you don’t know what spirituality really means for you.

Reach out to me if you’re interested in this offer and if you believe you meet the requirements for the programme, and we’ll chat to see if it’s a fit.
You can email me at [email protected]


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