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It’s a New Moon – That’s Why You’re So Tired


The Mon to Friday, 9 – 5 model of work and productivity is deeply disconnected from the body and body needs, especially for women and bodies that were born with a designation of being female.

This is a patriarchal model perpetuated by a capitalist society as it serves achievement, success, productivity and profit over the body.

But it’s a myth. We cannot be in productive, high energy mode all the time.
It’s not possible to never be tired.

If you have to take stimulants to stay awake and be productive that means you are placing unnatural expectations on a body that is desperately calling for rest.

We have just celebrated the equinox which reminds us that we need to have balance. We need the light and the dark and cannot only have long days, sunshine, good health and great energy. We are simply not designed that way. We are deeply connected to nature and nature graciously flows through all seasons.

To have health we need to accept and surrender to all seasons of life, health and energy. And that means that sometimes we need to allow the darker times (like Winter and the dead of night and being deeply depleted) and trust that it’s not actually a bad thing.

Today is a new moon. This is a time of darkness and the more feminine energy of rest and surrender is strong. Your body is going to naturally feel more tired. You may feel more pulled to be alone or to hibernate. With this darkness and going inwards comes incredible gifts.

The gift that the new moon period and the darker periods in life bring is the gift of reset. And not just any reset but a reset from a rested, connected and anchored place. When we stop and rest we can connect again to our bodies, our needs and our intuition and when it’s time to rise again – like waking in the morning, or moving towards a fuller moon or into Spring and Summer we’ll have so much more to give and it’ll be so deeply aligned to what we are truly wanting to share and express in this world rather than driven by fear, conditioning and a need to survive and make money.

Yes, I know the money thing is very real but in a strange, non-logical way, when we rest and listen to our bodies the money still comes and with more ease and flow. That’s another patriarchal, capitalist myth – that the harder we work the more money we make. It really doesn’t serve our bodies, especially the bodies that have energy and hormone levels that fluctuate over the lunar cycle and do not reset magically every 24 hours so that we can keep producing like little automatons.

Have you ever questioned this rat-race life we live in – where we seem to move from one thing that has to be done to survive to the next and when we do have a moment to have fun we’re often too tired or not present enough as we’re thinking about what needs to be done next?

You’re right. There is another way. You’re not meant to feel so exhausted all the time with a sense of no way out.

Our ancestors knew about natural cycles and rhythms and listened to their bodies. Then concepts like industry, productivity and profit took centre stage while our intuition and bodies faded into the background, where they were negated and suppressed so we could keep up with the status quo.

With today’s new moon and in the next 5 or so days can you honour your body and your needs just 2% more than what you’ve done before? Can you slow down or stop just a little? Can you check in with your body and feel what it feels like? Can you listen to your breathing or tune into your 5 senses? Can you just come home to you in some small way to remember how you’re actually meant to be?

The new moon reset is also a great time to set intentions for the next lunar cycle ahead. So maybe you can go a little bit further and feel into an intention that will support your body and your body needs as you go forward? Even if it’s just 2% more

Living this way is not easy. It’s frowned upon, seen as lazy and we often feel unworthy. That’s why I have created the Rooted Membership for women (and all who identify as women). In this space you’ll be held by the energy of me and the community who deeply acknowledge the importance of both the feminine and masculine energies and the light and the dark. Where you’ll learn to remember your connection to nature and your body and you’ll learn how to nurture that and how to calm your nervous system and feel deeply held and safe. If this is causing a YES in your body please go and add your name to the waiting list to hear when enrolment opens again.

In lightness and dark your body knows what to do to heal and bring you into wholeness but you have to listen to it and give it what it needs too.

What can your 2% more rest look like?


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