If You’re Bored of Always Saying “I’m So Tired” This is For You…..


When your partner suggests you have some people around for dinner is your first response, “I’m too tired”?

When your friend invites you for a night out do you find yourself saying (yet again) “I’m very tired. I need an early night”.

When your partner is in the mood for some action do you respond “I’m just so exhausted”?

When you come home from work and had planned to go to gym do you find yourself going directly home with the thought “I just can’t do this today”?


I remember hearing myself repeatedly saying “I’m so tired” and feeling so bored with myself and so over this being my default response and default state of being.

But I also felt guilty and ashamed.

I was ashamed of not being able to be the wife, mother, friend and daughter that I wanted to be.

I was tired of having big, exciting plans for my business but when it came to actually doing something I just didn’t have the capacity.

Every time I could sleep or take a nap I would and the other stuff just had to wait.

Yet again.

My husband started to lose patience with me when I was too tired to socialise and my friends just really couldn’t understand. ‘Just sleep then’ seemed to be their consistent response. I tried to explain that no matter how much I slept it didn’t help and it didn’t help the frustration, depression and anxiety caused by the nagging fear that maybe I would never be ‘normal’ again.

This type of fatigue is lonely and crushing and feels impossible to overcome. Some people I have met have battled for 5, 10 or, in one case, even 20 years. They’ve often tried everything – doctors, diets, supplements, hormones, and nothing seems to stick.

For me it was 5 years of ups and downs. The supplements, detoxes and hormones sometimes made a difference but the next stressful period brought me crashing down.

It was only when I began to look at the underlying psychological patterns creating my fatigue that I started to change those factors causing me to constantly crash and deplete myself so much.

Slowly I felt more empowered, more hopeful and, ultimately, life became easier and less exhausting.

These days I still feel tired at times (which I have now learned is normal and not a sign of failure or an impending crash!) but I also have many, many days of feeling so grateful to be alive, to be in this body and to be learning and growing and living more fully every day.

Not only did my journey through Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome lead to me completely re-evaluating how I was living my life but it lead to me meeting my true self and discovering who I really want to be and how I truly want to experience this one precious life.

It is my passion to support women who wish to walk this journey and reclaim their full health and the soul-inspired potential that they feel burning within.

For this reason I have created the Rooted membership group where I invite women to feel held and supported to discover their own patterns that keep them small and depleted and to support them to live a life that brings healing and transformation.

It’s a space that will provide accountability to live a more balanced and feminine life and where many other beautiful and brave women will show you how and be doing it along with you.

When women come together in one place (including online!) magic can happen and I’ve witnessed this so many times as a participant and as someone holding these spaces. I’d love you to join us if you feel ready to step out of “I’m so tired’ and claim the fullness of you.

Details to follow soon!

(Open to all anyone who identifies as a woman).


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