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Exhausted, overwhelmed – You don’t have to be


Are you an e​xhausted, overwhelmed and despondent woman seeking answers to not only overcome exhaustion and to regain your ‘normal’ self but to also plug into the vitality, confidence and passion to fulfill that burning potential you can feel within?

My unique body, mind and spirit approach, shared in my Fatigue to Flow coaching programme, is based on my own healing journey and will support you to uncover the underlying, unconscious factors creating your depletion and fatigue so the power is back in your hands.

We’re going to explore how you currently meet the attributes of the “Holding Personality” and how these are keeping you trapped in fatigue through your thoughts, actions and responses.
I will guide and support you to feel more empowered and in control as you discover your own unique healing plan for lasting transformation beyond just maintaining your energy through supplements and a healthy diet.
The unique embodied practices I share help you to calm and re-wire the nervous system and psyche to produce and receive more energy and vitality. ​

I’m going to support you with 8 eight coaching sessions and 3 BodyTalk sessions across 4 months as you incorporate this new system into your way of experiencing life and work.

To qualify for this offer, you must be a women (or anyone wishing to more fully embrace your feminine qualities) between 35 and 45 years of age and someone who is ready and willing to take responsibility for your healing.
You must have already seen a health professional to get some idea of what is happening physically.
You must be a business women with an established business or venture or someone who has a strong calling to make a change and create something that will bring about more meaning personally and for others.
It will be very useful if you have a sense of a power greater than yourself or are seeking something more in life.

Reach out to me if you’re interested in this offer, if you feel you meet the qualifications, and we’ll chat to see if it’s a fit.

Here are some results others have achieved: ​

“I first came to her for help in dealing with my internal processes that were exacerbating my adrenal fatigue and its symptoms and she has helped me with this so profoundly and more.”

“At a time where I was mentally ready to make significant changes, she changed my life.”

“It has helped me so much to know that someone really understands what it is that I’m going through, and is there to support me and help me through situations which might otherwise feel quite lonely or scary.”

“I am feeling much more connection to the rhythms and cycles of life, and my own intuition about what I need and when.”

If the Fatigue to Flow programme is resonating with you and you feel it could be a good fit for you please sign up for a complimentary discovery call.


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