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Why Aren’t You Able to Fully Receive Life Force?


We are surrounded by an abundance of energy or life force so why do you still feel so tired?

At the core of fatigue is a lack of vitality (also known as qi, prana or life force). We produce qi and receive qi. Physical treatments (supplements, dietary changes, bio-identical hormones) are aimed at boosting the production of qi/energy in the body.

However, the lack of energy is also caused by body and mind imbalance – physical tension in the musculoskeletal system, constant fight/flight activation, and regular Cell Danger Response within the mitochondria.

These are all linked to stress and a nervous system that is out of balance. We cannot be in stress mode and also be producing loads of energy at the same time. We can only be producing optimal energy when we feel safe and calm most of the time.

Also, we need to be open to receiving the abundance of life force available to us. In the Fatigue to Flow Coaching programme  I refer to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine archetypes. These concepts are taken from my work with my mentor, Juliet Haines and the work of the late Shakti Malan. We all have within us both masculine and feminine energies. The Divine Feminine energies include qualities such as connection to body and life, intuition, emotionality, compassion, creativity and the mystery/unknown/darkness. Notice how you feel in your body when you read these?

Typically, society shies away from these qualities and places them as ‘less than’ the qualities of the masculine. The qualities of the Divine Masculine (which has a connection to Divine Feminine) include containment/structure, support, clarity, direction, movement, awareness and presence. More about these next week. Most of us fear the feminine and we believe if we disconnect from feminine we will be safer or more ‘in control’. So instead, we focus on the unconscious masculine qualities (disconnected from the feminine) that are valued by society – linear, logical, rational thinking, intelligence, what is known/the light, control and domination, planning, organising, achievement and success.

We tend to align with these to feel safe and in control and, in doing so, we disconnect from the feminine. We fear the unknown of life, surrendering into letting life unfold and feeling the emotions that life creates. However, as we disconnect from these, we also disconnect from life force and vitality that the feminine energy provides. The feminine essence is the creative, life-giving force that enables life – beings but also projects and desires – to come into form. The feminine is also about aligning to our truth and what wants to be created through us when we let go of all the ‘shoulds’, the conditioning, patterns, the fears and the desire to be safe, loved and acceptable.

The majority of my clients change careers or change how they work as a result of chronic fatigue. This is no mistake. Their fatigue often awakens their consciousness to how imbalanced their life is. Seeking something more balanced and healthy, they set out on a spiritual journey that not only involves opening up to the abundance of life force available to them when they feel safe enough to let go into this, but also they awaken to their truth and they truly feel called to create in their lives -whether through work or in others ways.

How does it sound to allow your chronic fatigue to be the invitation to step out of producing and doing from a place that depletes you and into creating and being from a deeply nourished, supported and guided place, where the doing is not exhausting but is inspired, guided by intuition and supported by a deep sense of being connected to a purpose and an unfolding bigger picture?

Want to find out more? I am happy to hop on a complimentary call to see how I can support you to overcome chronic fatigue using a body, mind and spirit approach.

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