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Are You Desperate to Feel Better but Don’t Know How?


Many times, while growing up, I did not feel safe in my life and so I did not feel safe in my body.

I started to hate this body that I did not feel safe in. My hate of my body and my driving, controlling coping mechanisms to help me feel safe caused my body to become worn out and out of balance.

So I hated my body more.

I was stuck in a very vicious cycle until I finally figured out that my worn out, out-of-balance body was just really trying to catch my attention. Desperately trying to reconnect. My body knew what it needed to do to have health and come back into balance but while I avoided the ‘bad’, feeling unsafe, hating and disconnecting from my body I continued having the same experience over and over again.

It is through our bodies that we experience life and our environment.

When we feel unsafe as children – a feeling on some level that our security is threatened (and this can even start in utero depending on the mother’s experience) – our fundamental trust of life can be impacted.

I have yet to meet a burnt-out, overwhelmed woman who has a strong, fundamental trust in life.

My clients are women who may not know it when they first come to me, but they have spent years adapting themselves and their bodies to feel safe. They have been overriding their body needs and been unable to trust the messages their bodies send them.

They often feel a deep sense of shame about themselves and this translates into shame towards the body and then when the body stops working the way they want it to they feel very angry with their bodies and, often, even more ashamed.

My turnaround came when I recognised my symptoms as a rallying call to connect back to my body rather than hate it and try to fix it. Of course, I wanted to fix something. I wanted to fix being so tired and overwhelmed ALL THE TIME. But my focus went from fixing my body (which had felt broken to me) to feeling safe in my life and in my body so my body could do what it knows how to do and correct its own imbalance and I could listen and give my body what it needs.

This is an ongoing journey but once you start it you instantly take back your power instead of looking outside of yourself to fix yourself when in fact there is nothing fundamentally wrong with you.

You just need some support to feel safer and more connected again because this is not something we are taught in a world where the norm is to give our power away to ‘experts’ to teach us, give us the answers and make it better. How can they know what YOU need? YOU are the expert.

If you want to find out more about how you can become the expert on your own health and wellbeing then say yes to the gift of a complimentary discovery call and I can do a BodyTalk session to give you more understanding of the body and mind connection, as well as support you to find YOUR next best step.


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