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Is the Female Body More Likely to Burn Out?


The unique body design that enables women to create form and nurture life also makes women more vulnerable to fatigue and physical/hormonal imbalance.

But that is not a weakness.

There is no flaw in our design. It’s the pervasive productivity model in patriarchal, capitalist society that is flawed.

The dominant way of working is based on maximum output and profit and shaped around the male hormonal cycle which is a 24-hour cycle versus the monthly cycle of a female body.

Even many men cannot keep up with the crazy expectations of modern day society which are completely disconnected from natural rhythms and cycles, such as the lunar cycle and seasons which impact all the different bodies out there!

If we can work with our own unique body design in a way that does not conform to the dominant model we are powerful beyond comprehension.

This involves resting when rest is most needed and letting creative force flow when it feels ready.

Yes, it’s not easy in most workplaces and within a society expecting work and production 24/7/365 but we are not powerless and there is a lot we can do to support our bodies and health when we connect back to ourselves and nature.

Would you like to find out more about embracing the feminine for more flow, vitality and ease? The last module of my 1:1 Fatigue to Flow coaching programme includes a mini course on how to embrace natural cycles and rhythms to reduce stress and maximize energy and creativity.

When we return to our bodies and our connection to nature the possibilities for health, flow and vitality are incredible. It’s difficult to buck the dominant narrative about being in top form 24/7/365 but if you learn why you’ve bought into this and what the alternative is it can make a big difference for overcoming chronic fatigue, adrenal depletion and burnout.

Set up a discovery call and I can give you a taste of how I work with clients to support them to overcome chronic fatigue and burnout by learning how to work with natural rhythms and cycles and also discovering and transforming the underlying psychological patterns that create fatigue.

And, if you’re ready, you may well discover your truth, purpose and power in the process…..




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