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The Day That Listening Saved My Life


There was this time, while on a 3 hour road trip, that I had such a strong sense I needed to take the next off-ramp and double back onto the highway to pick up a young woman and her child and baby who I’d passed but somehow carried with me in my heart as I continued.

I never usually do this, and this time was travelling with my 1 year old daughter so ‘should’ definitely have considered our safety (in South Africa it has been known for women and children to be used as decoys to stage a hijacking). But I just couldn’t let go of the feeling that I MUST give them a lift.

It turned out that she was trying to make her way to her mother’s funeral in George, a town, a bit further past where I was going. It also turned out that her young child was EXACTLY the same age as my own child – to the day.

The whole endeavor added about 15 minutes extra on to my time and resulted in us getting stuck behind a seemingly endless queue of cars that had come to a standstill (on the national highway which was super weird). I felt frustrated by this delay but fortunately my passenger’s little boy kept the babies entertained. When the cars finally started to slowly move and we FINALLY got to the source of the situation we saw there had been a pileup of cars and, sadly, deaths.

As we passed I got tingles throughout my body and had a deep and very certain knowledge that if I had not stopped to pick up the young women and her children my daughter and I would have been involved in that huge accident. I cannot tell you how I knew this but even now I can feel the intensity and strength of that conviction. At the time it was like a loving and firm reminder that I am always guided and supported and that if I stay connected, and tuned in I will take the course of action that is in my greatest and highest good.

Unfortunately, that was not to be the turning point in my life. It was one of many that was needed to change my stubborn ways. Since then there were many times I did not listen and allow life to unfold with ease and support. Consequently, I burned out badly and it took 4 more years to really get the message: it’s much easier if we connect to the ever-present flow state available to us.

I define flow as a state of connection to something greater so there is a letting go of head ideas and a tuning into the heart and gut. It is flowing with rather than resisting the current (direction) and rhythm (timing) of life. The source of creation that makes a seed become a tree and also what’s constantly supporting your growth and transformation to become your greatest version of you is the source of this flow.

When we resist the flow of life and enforce what we think is best and “should” happen (to feel worthy and secure) life can often feel like a slog and, at times, it seems that nothing works out. When we step into flow and allow ourselves to be guided (while holding a broad intention of what we want) then it is amazing how easy it can feel. Life is not meant to be a struggle but that is a commonly-held belief. We are worthy of ease, abundance and flow and that can come to us when we create a space for it by softening, surrendering our agendas and being guided.

Flow is the final stage of my Fatigue to Flow Coaching programme as people usually start to tap into flow once they have become aware of the holding state (module 1), connected to self and something more (modules 2-4), released old patterns that create depletion (modules 5-6), and received intuitive guidance while learning to be more open to receiving in general (module 7).

I can’t tell you what to do to overcome your chronic exhaustion and physical imbalance. We are all different and I cannot presume to know what your journey is. However, I do know that there is often a massive gift available in the experience you’re having now. Instead, I support clients to let go of what you think you SHOULD do and how you think you SHOULD be so that you can let go of the holding and exhaustion and enter a state of natural flow and balance.

In this place, in your truth, is where the magic starts to happen and what you need for your healing and transformation will come to you. No more doing, striving and driving but rather opening, receiving and embracing.
In this place you’ll find EXACTLY what YOU need and it may be completely different to what you originally thought it should be! You may find that the ideal book, inspirational quote, practitioner, or deep knowing enters your life just when you need it, as if by perfect design.

There is no one doctor, one programme, one supplement that will be perfect for you. What is going to heal you is when you start being the expert on your own body; the manager of your health and self-care; and you open yourself to flow and align with what makes you happy and what you’d do if you truly loved yourself.

Have you ever experienced an experience which initially seemed ‘bad’ and then you realised it all played out perfectly? Please share in the comments….



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