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A Simple & Powerful But Neglected Path to Energy


It’s easy to throw a pill in your mouth, take a swig of water and swallow it down, perhaps spending a few seconds hoping it will help before moving on to the next thing that needs to be done. It’s more difficult to take the time to heal the body in a conscious and connected way. Yet, this is what creates the lasting transformation that you are looking for.

I get it…. I really do.

Life feels too short, the list of life demands feel too long and who has the time to do anymore ‘work’?

On top of the time factor, it also can feel scary to be conscious.

However, we have to connect to feel and we have to feel to heal. Yes, fatigue is caused by a physical imbalance but physical imbalance doesn’t happen in isolation. Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions, our energy flow in the body, past experiences, and our environment and the energy outside of us all impact our physical health and balance.

Usually, our bodies can self-correct. Our bodies have an incredible innate capacity to come back into homeostasis/balance. In fact, right now your body is working with what it has to bring about balance so you can feel as close to your best as possible. However, it can only work with what it hasIf we are not connected to our body then we cannot recognise and provide the body with what it needs for optimal health. This may be the best food in THIS moment, rest when rest is needed, or no more of that person in your life…..

In fact, it’s not just that we don’t listen to our bodies. We also make it harder for our bodies.

While the body is trying to do the best it can with what it has at its disposal we often pile on the pressure by adding toxins to our biological terrain through foods we eat or body products we use; or we eat or drink stimulants which add stress to an already overwhelmed nervous system; or we worry about the smallest things so that we are constantly in fight/flight or freeze mode and the body’s capacity to enable us to live a life of vitality and joy is hijacked as its energy is pulled towards having to meet the threats that the brain has alerted it to.

For so long I took my body for granted and only paid attention to it when it didn’t work properly or when I wanted to make it look different in some way.

It took me becoming very, very tired and then crashing a few more times to truly understand I HAD to work with my body and not against it. The bonus was not only how good it felt to come home to me but also how empowered I became. Only once I started to become more embodied and could feel what was happening in my body when I became stressed and unbalanced could I consciously choose to do something different.

Once I recognised the imbalance I could choose balance. Once I recognised the hardness I placed on myself I could introduce the softness I had been longing for and did not know. And only once I recognised how amazing my body is could it start being amazing again.

In my 1:1 Fatigue to Flow coaching programme I devote Phase 2 to connection and, within that, module 2 is specifically about connection to the body. It is foundational to the coaching and foundational to healing.

In the comments perhaps you can name one word that describes the relationship you have had with your body and one word that describes the relationship you want to have with your body…..


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