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I never saw THIS coming…


Less than a month ago my husband and I had no idea what was about to unfold. Now, feeling rather overwhelmed and slightly shell-shocked, we have put an offer in on a house in a seaside town 7 hours from Cape Town where we currently live and our own house is up for sale.

“Are we crazy?” is a question that has at times popped into my head at 3am in the morning but when I tune into the steady, sure and expansive feeling in my heart I am reminded again that this is EXACTLY what was meant to happen.

The long and short of it is that we were waiting for something to change to provide relief from our continuing financial stress (my husband has not been able to draw a salary from his business since November and had a reduced salary since July last year). After a series of unforeseen events which plunged us into further debt and desperation we reached a point that we realised that change was not going to come from outside of us. It had to be created BY us.

Using all my tools that I share with my clients and the same tools that have continued to support my health and wellness, I tuned into my body and inner wisdom; found compassion for myself in the situation and listened. And what came out loud and clear was this “It had to get really hard to make us take this next step”.
Looking back over the last month (and more), I can see how it all just FLOWED.

There is a reason that I call my coaching process From Fatigue to Flow. When we resist what is unfolding (and believe it has to be a certain way or that it means something bad as it is) life becomes very difficult and very exhausting. When we learn to surrender, allow, listen and trust – that is when the flow, ease and the path to abundance (heath, energy, money, time) reveals itself.

This is what happens when we embrace more of the feminine energy in our lives. It’s what happens when we become more connected to the ways in which we hold on, push, resist and exhaust ourselves. I have found time and again that when I live this way it just WORKS.

It often is not logical and it’s often very scary to let go but embracing the Feminine just somehow creates ease and flow. Since we made this decision we have had money flow in, I’ve had clients flow in, I’ve had work-related opportunities flow in, and we’ve had the most amazing excitement and support from others around this move.

I also took some downtime in my business over the last month and I earned more in that month than I have during each of the previous 5 months.

Besides birthing a lifestyle change and move, more money, and opportunities in my business this surrender into the feminine has also supported me to birth a new workshop which I am offering for free and I’d love you to join if you want to learn how to use the feminine energy for more flow, ease and vitality in your life or business (it’s aimed at entrepreneurs but the principles hold for all aspects of life so all are welcome).

If you’d like to find out more sign up here. And there will be a replay if you can’t make the call.

I’m looking forward to sharing this feminine magic with you!


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  1. What a wonderful, heartfelt post and what a lovely turn of events you are creating. A seaside town, heavenly. I have been learning about Human Design and the idea of individuation, which we are all being called to understand. My understanding is individuation is being grounded, self-contained, receptive (feminine energy), and connecting to knowing (instead of mental mind), while recognizing and inviting the broadening of who I am, as a result of Divine connection to Source. A mouthful of context. Your post clearly indicates you are getting the depth of Divine connection, recognition of Self, and flow. Bravo!!!

    1. Thanks Janis! You’ve said it perfectly – that is what living a life where the masculine and feminine energies is balanced is all about. Individuation (which I see as awakening to your truth) is what I like to share with my clients and I’m experiencing the profound results more and more the more I live and teach it!

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