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Today is my birthday and I’m turning 42. In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the number 42 is said to be “the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything”! I’m ready for that after this crazy, uncertain year but, jokes aside, it does feel like an important birthday at the tail end of my year.

So I have decided to share a special offer.

I really feel called to offer this right now as I know a lot of people are really struggling with finances at the moment and also really struggling with fatigue and this can create a bit of a vicious cycle. So for the next 48 hours until midnight on the 30th Nov (SAST) I am offering my Fatigue to Flow one-on-one Coaching Intensive at a 45% discount: 

This package includes online coaching to uncover the underlying body, mind and spirit aspects that have created and still cause your chronic exhaustion. The coaching also provides tools and a personalised plan to manage the imbalance  to put the right conditions in place to overcome fatigue.

For many people, no matter how many supplements you take or how well you eat, your underlying patterns may keep tripping you up so you remain on the rollercoaster of fatigue. You can be told to sleep more and stress less but no matter how hard you try you keep falling back into your old ways. This was my experience until I started to integrate my knowledge of psychological functioning and the body and mind connection. Then I started to see results which lasted and I finally felt empowered to manage my fatigue without the need for external support. Out of my journey I birthed the process that has become the Fatigue to Flow coaching programme.

What will happen during your Fatigue to Flow Coaching Intensive?

  • The Fatigue to Flow package includes 8 online sessions over a period of four months during which time we will work together to help you to become more aware of what created your exhaustion in the first place and, also, why you are battling to get better. I will equip you with tools to live life with more ease and flow to prevent you from wasting valuable energy and I will also help you to identify when you need to put your tools in place, through increasing your connection with yourself. Finally, I will not be telling you what to do to heal but rather be empowering you to know what it is you need and how to put that in place. I have seen how when people start to empower themselves and open themselves to receiving and healing then what they need comes to them. This is the flow part of Fatigue to Flow!
  • I will also be conducting three remote BodyTalk sessions to support your progress and integrate the shifts.
  • You will have access to recordings of all our sessions to be able to listen to/watch them again and I will also be providing information and optional exercises in the form of workbooks after each session as well as guided meditations to practice.
  • I will provide you with a 2021 cyclical planner, an information sheet and an audio lesson on how to leverage feminine time and natural cycles and rhythms to use your energy more efficiently and tap into natural energy when it is most available.
  • I will provide the Conscious Body Exercise which is a guided exercise to scan the body and a cheat sheet to be able to understand what your physical symptoms are saying about your psychological wellbeing.
  • You will receive a number of powerful meditation and embodiment practices to support the work we do, including the Body Sanctuary Practice to calm the nervous system and connect to the body, The Containment Meditation to plug into a sense of safety and to receive life force, The Surrender meditation to manage overwhelm, and the Empower Your Inner Child meditation.
  • I invite you to check in with me via email once you re-visited each week’s recording and workbook and I am available to answer questions and provide a space for an accountability practice. Furthermore, when you have re-visited all 8 weeks of information I offer a final call for you to integrate everything, discuss your progress and ask any further questions that may have arisen. This offer is valid for a year after completion of our last coaching call.

Here’s a breakdown of what you could gain during the coaching:

  • An understanding of the Holding Personality as well as holding patterns and behaviours creating exhaustion in your life to empower you to make shifts from the foundation of imbalance
  • An awareness of how these patterns, behaviours (and related beliefs) cause you to use more energy than is healthy for you
  • Recognition of why you unconsciously put these patterns in place
  • The ability to tune in to your body to become aware of when you are pushing too much and to recognise what you need.
  • Tools to meet those needs and to put boundaries in place
  • Tools to create a sense of safety instead of living with an over-active nervous system
  • Re-framing key memories and traumas that are still triggering you and feeding your holding patterns and behaviours
  • Meeting your inner child and gaining an awareness of how to work with her to meet your needs and access a sense of safety in your body and mind
  • Recognition of your natural rhythms and learning how to flow with these in a feminine way rather than drive in a more masculine way
  • Learning how to use your energy in the most effective way
  • Deeper compassion for yourself to allow softness and flow
  • Increased trust to be able to find an alternative way of being that serves you better (including a focus on a deeper spirituality in alignment with your truth)
  • Daily practices to help you to stay connected, to stay empowered and to break the cumulative stress that creates the exhaustion and a final plan to put in place all that you’ve integrated that you feel will serve you.
  • A deeper sense of empowerment, hope, confidence and joy
  • An understanding of how to put this together with any treatment you are receiving.

The cost of this Coaching programme is usually $1300 once-off or $397 per month for 4 months but with the 45% discount the programme will be going for $715  once-off or $218 per month for 4 months

Here are few testimonials I have received:

“I can only highly recommend working with Kerry. I first came to her for help in dealing with my internal processes that were exacerbating my adrenal fatigue and its symptoms and she has helped me with this so profoundly and more”
LRH, Cape Town

“I started seeing Kerry in January 2018. I had been suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue for several years. I had come to the realisation that my anxiety, type A personality, expectations of myself, and expectations others had of me were making me sick. No medication was going to make me better. Instead I needed to go through an entire lifestyle and mental shift in order to make a difference. I had heard she had gone through a similar experience in her health and thought that would help us connect. 

“Kerry has been like no other psychologist I have worked with. Others have taken the lap dog stance, allowing me to believe I was always right in my framing of the world. Kerry has managed to find a balance of validating my emotions and experiences while also gently, without judgement, opening my eyes to my own flaws, and areas where I could improve…should I want to. She has also constantly encouraged me to stand in my truth and helped me discover who I really am, instead of who I was brought up to be. My confidence has shot through the roof – my voice is louder, my posture is different and I no longer fear social gatherings with people who hold different views. She has given me the tools to manage the anxiety which would eat away at me, allowing me to be self-reliant, and not reliant on her. At a time where I was mentally ready to make significant changes, she changed my life.”
NV, Cape Town, South Africa

“…definitely more consciousness and self awareness around when/where I am holding tension in my body, awareness of the things that make me tired (for example, forcing myself to do or be something instead of allowing it to happen when the timing is right). I am feeling much more connection to the rhythms and cycles of life, and my own intuition about what I need and when.”
Wallis Watt, KZN, South Africa

The best part has been the opportunity for genuine, deep personal growth and release while working with a caring, flexible, intelligent and skilled therapist, using multi-dimensional release and healing techniques. I loved you were willing to shift course content based on my focus at the time.  Thank you.
Janis Wheeler, Olympia, Washington State

If you are interested in this opportunity please book a discovery call with me so I can answer any questions you may have and see if the programme is suitable for you. When you make a booking just make a note that you’re applying for the 45% discount. Please note I can only take on 2 new people for the programme. 

As always, go gently and consciously and take care of you.


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