Use this Powerful Gift to Leverage Energy & Reduce Stress

Use this Powerful Gift to Leverage Energy & Reduce Stress

After reading my last post are you ready to take control of your life and feel more energised and productive?

Using this lunar-cycle-tool you can learn when you have more energy and when you have less energy and, thereby, focus your energies and actions to achieve the most when the time is right.

The information shared about the moon phases will you give you your basic template to follow and then knowing your own personal response within that cycle will add extra insight. Leveraging this knowledge will enable you to work smarter and not harder.

By working with the phases of the moon and your personal relationship to the moon phases you will find you are far more productive when the timing is right and can then benefit from some restorative down-time when the timing is suitable for rest and going inwards. If you rest when the time is best you will have far more energy and be more productive when the time is conducive for action.

A useful tip: Take note of how your sleep changes as you near full moon. Many people don't make the connection between insomnia and full moon. If you do find a connection then take a look at this post where I share my tip for alleviating full moon-induced insomnia!

You will also find you are more successful in ventures and projects when in tune with the phases of the moon.

For those who are menstruating this tracking tool will prove even more useful as you may find that your energy levels, emotions and sleep are also profoundly impacted by your menstrual cycle. With that knowledge you can plan your life accordingly and predict what is to come.

Instead of exerting unnecessary effort when the time is not conducive for productivity take control of your energy and stress using this tool and reading this post and this post.

Please do share any feedback as well as any questions you may have.

Kerry Magnus

My journey as a healer has been intricately woven with my own journey of healing. I always knew I wanted to work with others in a healing capacity. I don’t pretend for a minute to be perfect and have amazing health and well-being. I am a wounded healer like so many who do become healers. However, I am conscious of my wounds and am so grateful for my experiences as they enrich the work I do and help me to relate better to those I work with.

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