I could not imagine going on the journey I have, without Kerry

“I was referred to Kerry by another well-known and respected psychologist and I am so grateful that she took me on as a client. I could not imagine going on the journey I have, without Kerry. It has been tough and heart-wrenching at times but Kerry has been a constant source of encouragement, kindness and safety. She provided a non-judgemental, non-shaming and safe environment to learn to unpack the many years of self-judgement and pain I had to deal with, providing me with not only a safe space to open up but was also always available to me when I needed to further unpack my story outside of the consultation space. While she allowed me to work at my own pace, Kerry’s guided consultation made me feel like I was achieving a constant progression in my personal development. At no time did I feel stagnated or that a session was wasted by mere chatter. Her use of BodyTalk during her sessions has made for a wonderful new way to heal. I would recommend her to anybody wanting to grow into their true selves and uncover their hidden potential. The journey is not easy but the benefit far outweighs the discomfort. And you would want Kerry guiding you through every step of the way.”