Fatigue to Flow Coaching Intensive

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This coaching package focusses on moving from a place of chronic fatigue and overwhelm to a place of flow, ease and energy.

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"I had been suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue for several years. Kerry has been like no other psychologist I have worked with. My confidence has shot through the roof – my voice is louder, my posture is different and I no longer fear social gatherings with people who hold different views. She has given me the tools to manage the anxiety which would eat away at me, allowing me to be self-reliant, and not reliant on her. She’s changed the way I think of the world, showing me that not everything is black and white, or right or wrong. But rather that everyone has different views and priorities, and instead of expecting them to change, the only viable option is to work on yourself."

Frequently Asked Questions:

This coaching is aimed at anyone battling with chronic exhaustion, emotional fatigue and burnout. It is best suited for people who feel ready to make changes but do not know how to do that and for people who are willing to take ownership of how they may be creating fatigue in their own lives. While it is not necessary to have seen a psychologist or counsellor before some degree of conscious awareness and self-insight will be beneficial.

The coaching will be most effective for those who are also receiving treatment from a Functional Medical Doctor, an Integrative/Holistic medical practitioner or a naturopath. Many people rely only on supplements and eating right to heal and then they continue to crash as they are not addressing the underlying personality attributes and unconscious patterns contributing to the fatigue and depletion. I have found that if I refer my clients to receive medical support while I am working with them they make shifts in a faster time.

However, this coaching will also benefit those who have not yet received medical support as long as there is a commitment to slowing down and integrating the tools. If you keep doing what you’ve always done you will keep having the same experience… There HAS to be a degree of slowing down and checking in and that is one of the big focus areas of the coaching.

You will need 8 hours over a three-month period to commit to the coaching calls. Thereafter, it is up to you how much time you would like to put into the notes, meditations and exercises I provide. You will get the best results if you can commit a little bit of time every day for focussing on the information or exercises. Remember, by committing time to this coaching you will start to find that you experience time as less overwhelming and stressful so you have to take the time to make more time. I share tools on how to use time more effectively, determine your priorities and generally experience less overwhelm.

Many clients have told me after completing their sessions that they feel lighter, more empowered, more hopeful, and experience a sense of expansiveness and compassion for themselves and where they are at. This already results in less stress, depletion and overwhelm.

Remember it has taken you most of your lifetime to get where you are and it will not shift overnight. However, instead of resisting where you are and wanting it to be different without knowing how, I will empower you to have the tools to start to make changes from the very beginning of the process. We will also plant seeds that will take root and grow over time the more you nourish them and the process.

You can never unlearn what you become conscious about and the tools and awareness can result in attracting the right circumstances to continue to grow and heal even after you have completed the coaching process. Consider it a foundation to set you on the right path but you’ll have to be committed to being different in life vs doing what you always did before that made you unwell.

I was referred to Kerry by another well-known and respected psychologist and I am so grateful that she took me on as a client. I could not imagine going on the journey I have, without Kerry. It has been tough and heart-wrenching at times but Kerry has been a constant source of encouragement, kindness and safety. She provided a non-judgemental, non-shaming and safe environment to learn to unpack the many years of self-judgement and pain I had to deal with, providing me with not only a safe space to open up but was also always available to me when I needed to further unpack my story outside of the consultation space. While she allowed me to work at my own pace, Kerry’s guided consultation made me feel like I was achieving a constant progression in my personal development. At no time did I feel stagnated or that a session was wasted by mere chatter. Her use of BodyTalk during her sessions has made for a wonderful new way to heal. I would recommend her to anybody wanting to grow into their true selves and uncover their hidden potential. The journey is not easy but the benefit far outweighs the discomfort. And you would want Kerry guiding you through every step of the way.


I can only highly recommend working with Kerry. I first came to her for help in dealing with my internal processes that were exacerbating my adrenal fatigue and its symptoms and she has helped me with this so profoundly and more. Through skills learnt with Kerry, I am developing a compassionate, friendly, grown-up relationship with myself and in turn those I am close to. I have experienced a genuine, meaningful shift in the quality of being me. It can be challenging at times to face these “daemons” and having done so doesn’t mean life from here on out is easy, but this work is changing me into a person I enjoy being with and my life into one I am excited and curious to live. Thank you, Kerry.


I have a much greater awareness and understanding of myself. With Kerry’s support, I’ve been able to more readily observe my actions and reactions, why I feel certain ways, what my triggers are and to learn self-empathy and self-understanding so that I can be there for myself when I need it.