Can You Really Heal Your Chronic Fatigue and Return to a Better Version of You?

Join me on this 3-Session Distance Healing Experience that helps chronic fatigue sufferers empower themselves and harness the innate healing ability of the body and mind.

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Chronic fatigue has you in its perpetual grip. You’ve searched for the solution to heal in vain. Perhaps you have sought treatment and spent a fortune on doctors, supplements, organic fruit and veg, and hormone-free, grass-fed meat, but the truth is this is not really making much difference?

And at the bottom of it all is the feeling of not being good enough and not being able to be the person you want to be.

You’re ashamed and feel like a failure. Failure at life, failure at being a parent, partner, friend, daughter, son, employee, or even failure at being a business owner. Failure at being you. And you feel like no matter what you try, it’s just not really changing the situation.

How much energy are you spending on getting your life back? How desperately would you like to feel like you’re really doing something to reach your potential?

I’m Kerry, a holistic psychologist and BodyTalk practitioner, and I specialize in the field of healing chronic fatigue and adrenal depletion.

I’ve been there and know only too well what that dark place can feel like: desperate, frustrated, unable to drag myself off the couch and wondering if this was going to be my life forever.

I did not realise that I had Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (early stages) for many years starting in my mid 20’s, and was in fact often very tired as a teenager where my friends seemed to cope better.

However, it really floored me in 2010 when I was working at a prison and fighting a system that seemed intent on breaking people down.

I was finally diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) shortly after the birth of my daughter in 2012, and then did all the ‘right’ things to get better. Then, just as I started to feel better, I crashed again and everything boomeranged.

I crashed again after my son was born in 2014, and then again in 2016, when three separate traumas impacted people very close to me and I was deeply triggered around lack of safety. That turned out to be a turning point and my last crash.

It was only then that I started to really look at AFS and chronic fatigue from a body and mind perspective. I realised that I could not rely on the supplements and bio-identical hormones to heal my body if I was not also addressing what I was bringing to the mix with my own approach to, and experience of life.

I started to notice my psychological patterns that fed the fatigue and the regular themes that I saw in my life, and those of my clients with chronic exhaustion...

And, I noticed that there were a number of very similar personality attributes often present –

I noticed that, at the very least, chronically exhausted clients were usually:

Does that look familiar?

I also saw that this was linked to a childhood of not always being emotionally supported, contained or at times even being acknowledged when expressing fear, anger or sadness (and many people have grown up thinking this was normal yet suffering as a result).

Then it clicked...

Of course, as a holistic psychologist I knew all about the body and mind connection, but still I had been relying on a magic cure from supplements and a gut repair protocol.

I was throwing money down the toilet by taking a handful of supplements a day, while eating my grass-fed beef and organic fruit and veg, avoiding gluten, and demonising sugar.

I was throwing money away because those things did very little for me while I was not addressing the fact that:

– at the core of my chronic fatigue was a lack of security.

If I did not address this then my body would continue to operate and respond in a way that left me exhausted.

Security is not just a feeling of being safe as in safe from crime. It’s an experience of generally feeling “I am going to be OK” no matter what happens.

Security is about feeling good enough. It’s about feeling acceptable. It’s about feeling “I belong here“.

So, unless you look at the underlying pattern of feeling unsafe or insecure in the world and how this impacts you physically and psychologically you’re not putting out the fire, but merely pouring cups of water on the blaze to dampen it down – UNTIL a little bit of wind picks up that fire and it is roaring again…

The body and mind connection plays a part in all illness and this couldn’t be more true than for the physical experience of chronic fatigue.

Now, you should know this truth:

Our bodies have an innate ability to come back into balance.

Just as a cut forms a scab and then the body heals we should be able to manage a little bit of stress and come back into balance.

However, when something is out of balance for so long then your innate wisdom no longer recognises this as out of balance.

Or, when there is just too much going on the body is unable to come back into balance – it’s like a trip switch is tripped.

Your functional medical doctors try to address as much of the imbalance as possible but they are really only addressing the physiological aspects. They may also address your environment by focussing on your lifestyle and helping you with removing stressors and toxins in your home.

But, medical treatment is not addressing how you are holding tension in your body and how this tension has created blockages that impact on energy flow and metabolic processes.

The doctors won’t realise and many of you won’t even realise you are experiencing a default sense of feeling unsafe in some way and, as long as you are experiencing this, your mind will impact your body and your energy will be stuck.

Medical treatment is not addressing how we hold emotions, memories, trauma and stress in our bodies as energy and that, ideally, needs to be released.

When stuck, the energy blocks our ability:

When in fear and overwhelm we can over-rely on doing, striving and willpower to an extreme that makes us exhausted.

And when you take supplements and eat well you do not address the core beliefs you hold that tells you that the world is essentially an unsafe place, or that people can not be depended upon, or that it is not good to ask for help and be vulnerable.

Medical treatment does not address the early childhood trauma or the lack of emotional support – because your own parents were afraid of emotions and so shut yours down so you learned instead to become self-reliant, controlling and/or to achieve and perform and to be seen and given the acknowledgement we all crave as humans.

Only taking supplements and bio-identical hormones does not address the suppressed anger that you are holding in your body that is blocking your life-force and holding you in inflexible protection mode so that your life force cannot flow and you’re unable to receive the energy and support that is actually constantly available to you.

Unless we can become aware of our unconscious default responses, beliefs and environmental triggers which all impact our biochemistry and our energy then we stay on the rollercoaster of chronic fatigue, often even with medical treatment.

How to end the debilitating effects of chronic fatigue near-effortlessly with the incredible power of distance healing through BodyTalk, AND feel the results near-instantly!

BodyTalk has made a profound difference to my healing journey and that of my clients so if you would like to harness the healing power of BodyTalk to heal the body and mind story that is keeping you in chronic fatigue, I invite you to join me in an exclusive series of 3 distance BodyTalk sessions that I have put together especially focussed on chronic fatigue and adrenal depletion!

BodyTalk is a modality that uses muscle testing to tap into your innate wisdom about which of these factors are playing a role in your health imbalance and current health experience.

Through BodyTalk the body and mind is once again alerted to what is out of balance so your innate healing ability can re-create the balance and address the factors that need to be addressed.

What can you expect to experience with BodyTalk?

Not only that but they find that they start meeting themselves in a way that they never have before. The illusions fall away. The coping mechanisms and adaptions fall away. They start to realise that its is OK to not have to always be perfect, to go gently at times and to ask for help.

There are subtle shifts that people often only realise in hindsight but they are profound on the journey of healing.

Some shifts are more noticeable: like one of my clients who had relief from a frozen shoulder from holding so much anger, or another client who overnight had a much deeper awareness of what foods her body needed and wanted to avoid for healing.

The principles of BodyTalk are based on proven scientific facts and leading-edge discoveries. It is a new way of addressing our well-being in the future. BodyTalk opens an unlimited collection of energetic possibilities for us to heal on many levels.

Amit Goswami Ph.D.
Quantum Physicist, Professor Emeritus Oregon University and featured in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?

Here's what others have said after having experienced the Power of BodyTalk with me:

"That was amazing. You’re like a fortune teller. It’s all so true."
(individual session)
"Thanks Kerry. Most enlightening. I really feel that these sessions are helping a lot."
"Lovely beautiful session, thanks Kerry."
(group session)
"Thank you Kerry, this was so synchronous. I literally felt the shift."
(group session)
"I felt better after the session... On Saturday I was more functional and can tell the difference in how present I was in class this week versus last week."
(individual session)
"Thanks so much Kerry. This was really eye opening."
"Your session must have helped. I have landed in a calm space."
"The image of me in your mental workshop was exactly how I felt yesterday because everything had been changing for me over the past few weeks and then bam I'm out feeling the exact opposite."
"Shoo Kerry. Powerful stuff this. I’ve listened for the second time now. It’s amazing how you know me without knowing me. You’ve helped me so much already! Thanks so much!"

In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Nobel Laureate in Medicine

Leverage the Mind-Body connection to reclaim your health and peace!

Can you imagine how good it would be to feel empowered and in alignment with your body rather than feeling like your body is letting you down and controlling your life?

I will be doing three separate BodyTalk sessions focussing on different aspects related to chronic fatigue.

These will be group sessions yet what comes up will be applicable to most, if not all of you as many of you who have already participated in my group sessions have experienced.

Also, these will be distance sessions so I will carry out the sessions on the dates provided and then record the feedback to share with you immediately afterwards.


This means that you don’t even have to be at any specific place at any particular time. How easy does it get?

What is a distance session?

Distance sessions are different from in-person sessions in that the person/people being treated is/are not physically present with the practitioner at the time of the session. BodyTalk works at the level of consciousness (influencing the mind, energy systems, and the physical body), and so it is not affected by the limitations of time or physical location.

I will do the session with a focus on all of you and the feedback will be shared following the sessions.

I'm skeptical, how does energy healing over distance work?

The reason healing works over a distance is due to quantum physics and a zero point field of energy in which we are all connected. There is now so much that has been tested and written about healing over a distance.

I can really encourage you to read the work of Dawson Church who is a health writer and researcher and who has conducted many experiments, successfully healing people using energy healing in person or over a distance.

How will I receive my feedback and how soon will I see results?

You will receive the feedback via a video. A link to access the video will be sent following the session.

The session is effective from the moment it is carried out and this effectiveness will be enhanced when you listen to the feedback (which carries the energy of the session).

Are group sessions effective?

Group sessions can be even more powerful than individual sessions because a field of energy is created whenever a group is together (even across a distance).

This field enhances effectiveness of the session by increasing the numbers of observers/people holding the same focus and wanting the same outcome (to receive healing and positive shifts through the treatment).

But, will it work for ME?

No one has the same healing journey as anyone else and I cannot tell anyone what they need to do to heal but BodyTalk can help you find that optimal space where you can heal, attract what you need for healing and be connected to your body in a way that helps you to meet your healing needs. This healing is usually enhanced with more sessions and a deeper connection to yourself (and I will share some additional tips how to do this without BodyTalk – see Bonuses below).

I know that you are likely very good at doing everything yourself and being able to rely on yourself. 

But, when needing to be self-reliant actually comes from a place of fear (which it so often does) this does not help you and actually makes you more tired.

Tuning in to your body and your needs and becoming more conscious of why you have imbalance can help you to depend on yourself in a much healthier and more powerful way.

In this place healing happens so much faster and easier and you gain the added bonus of feeling deeply empowered and in touch with your own truth and your own healing process.

If I receive BodyTalk treatments do I not need to continue the supplements and other recommendations made my doctor?

I have found the best approach to healing chronic fatigue is to see a doctor and become clear on exactly what is out of balance from a physical perspective but to complement and enhance this treatment with a focus on healing from a psychological and energetic perspective.

Also, with increased BodyTalk you will empower yourself to work with your doctor rather than simply accepting all that you are told to take and do (which may not actually feel right to you and your specific body needs).

Would it benefit me to sign up for this series again in the future?

With more sessions you will receive a cumulative healing response. It’s like when you start to learn a habit and initially build the pathways which can be slow at first but then, in time, the habit becomes second nature

Your body will more easily and readily respond to BodyTalk the more sessions you have, beginning with the very first session.

Also, even though the theme of recurrent BodyTalk series will be the same, no two sessions are ever the same. I worked with a group for over a year where we had a monthly focus on balancing the three brains. Each session was very different, depending on who was in the group and what was most needed.

If you are ready to step into your power and use the unlimited body and mind connection that is yours to take advantage of then BodyTalk can help in the following ways:

  1. BodyTalk reminds your body what normal functioning is as it rewires the brain and realigns the body to its natural state of being.
  2. BodyTalk can help you to reconnect to your intuition and your needs so you can give yourself exactly what you need to heal.
  3. BodyTalk removes energy blockages and addresses imbalances in the body and mind system so that energy can flow and the body can function at its best.
  4. BodyTalk reduces stress and enables the body to feel more relaxed and balanced in general.

BodyTalk can also help you to feel -

The Missing Link BodyTalk Distance Healing Sessions & Dates

13th November 2019 - Session 1:
Balancing the nervous system for more relaxation and faster healing

You, like most people with chronic exhaustion and adrenal fatigue, probably have a nervous system that is not working very well. What this means is that you very easily go into that stressed, overwhelmed and agitated state that you feel when the fight/flight/freeze response has been triggered by anything that is considered stressful. When you are often in the fight/flight/freeze state your body does not have much time in the opposite state - rest and digest. In this state your cells heal, regenerate and produce more energy.

This session, like all BodyTalk sessions, will help your body and mind to remember what normal and healthy functioning is. When your nervous system is more balanced it is easier to come back to a place of calm and relaxation after a period of stress and it also means you won’t become as easily stressed or stressed as much as normal. With less stress your body can heal and find balance.

20th November 2019 - Session 2:
Restoring a sense of safety and being good enough

Most people with Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic exhaustion are often in protection mode. This is when you just don’t feel so safe and good enough a lot of the time. This is such a ‘normal’ state for so many people you may not even realise it is not serving you.

Protection mode can be caused by emotional stress and trauma or physical stress (infections, toxins, EMF). Being in protection mode not only causes a chronic fight/flight/freeze response but also often results in coping mechanisms that are very exhausting to keep up – like being super-capable and responsible, lots of doing, achieving, rescuing and also wanting to keep people happy or avoid conflict. These are great when in balance but when done to an extreme (usually from a place of unconscious fear) then we become exhausted.

This session will focus on all the triggers (physical and emotional) that feed that protection mode and help the body and mind to restore a sense of being OK in the world no matter what is happening. In this place the body can really heal and access the abundance of energy that is always available when we are feeling open and safe.

27th November 2019 - Session 3:
Balancing the three brains to reclaim your health

You actually have three brains – the head brain, heart brain and gut brain.

We focus way too much on our head brain that is always telling us what we ‘should’ be doing to survive (this is often fed by fear).

This session will focus on balancing the head, heart and gut brains so that you have a more innate and intuitive connection to your needs for healing rather than letting fear and desperation making you grasp for whatever someone else says you should do or to just keep doing what you have always done.

This will help you to have a deeper connection to your body and to enable your body’s natural healing response to do what it does best. Also, the gut brain is so deeply involved in our wellness – an imbalanced gut is almost always part of the chronic fatigue picture. Healing the gut will help to bolster your ability to heal.

Your investment: $30 per session, or $80 for all three.

I'm planning on presenting this 3-session event on a recurring basis, so it will be a great and cost-effective way for you to get balanced and well, and stay balanced and well!

Added Bonuses

There will be a few bonuses you will receive with the video feedback:

The tips and tools will be relevant to the theme of each session and will include:
In Session 1, "Balancing the nervous system for more relaxation and faster healing":
A full body scan meditation/exercise to be more connected to the body and become aware of when you’re in defence mode. Take ownership of how you respond to stress through increased connection with your body.
In Session 2, "Restoring a sense of safety and being good enough":

A containment meditation to increase a sense of security and trust. This helps reduces the tendency to be in defense/protection mode.

In Session 3, "Balancing the three brains to reclaim your health":

Learn how grounding improves digestion and how to ground effectively to improve gut inflammation and imbalance.

My 100% Risk-free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

The "Missing Link" BodyTalk Sessions comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. As a result of the sessions you will feel empowered, have ownership of your ability to heal and a sense of ease and peace around your healing journey. You will start reclaiming your health and peace after even just one session.

"Through my own journey with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and through my work with many clients I have seen the huge benefit of leveraging the body and mind connection to heal from chronic fatigue. I feel like I could shout out my message from the mountaintops as I really believe it can make a difference for many people." ~ Kerry

If you aren't satisfied or feel that the sessions has made a difference for you, it won't feel right keeping your money, so I make it easy to get a refund. Simply email me and let me know, you'll have it back, no questions asked!

There's a good reason I'm known as the psychologist who "does that thing"!

Yes, Kerry, I want to take advantage of this 3-part BodyTalk series to reclaim my health and peace!

Bookings close on 12th November 2019, so sign up now to avoid disappointment!

Your investment: $30 per session, or $80 for all three.

I'm planning on presenting this 3-session event on a recurring basis, so it will be an amazing and cost-effective way for you to get balanced and well, and stay balanced and well!

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Any person suffering from chronic fatigue can benefit from taking advantage of the healing power of BodyTalk, and become their best self again by balancing the body and mind because it helps you take back your power and heal for good!

It’s been said that in your moments of decision your destiny is shaped. What will you decide to do right now? The same thing you’ve been doing so you get the same old results or will you decide to change your results for the better by joining me in the Missing Link BodyTalk Sessions…?

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