My confidence has shot through the roof

“I started seeing Kerry in January 2018. I had been suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue for several years. I had come to the realisation that my anxiety, type A personality, expectations of myself, and expectations others had of me were making me sick. No medication was going to make me better. Instead I needed to go through an entire lifestyle and mental shift in order to make a difference. I had heard she had gone through a similar experience in her health and thought that would help us connect.

Kerry has been like no other psychologist I have worked with. Others have taken the lap dog stance, allowing me to believe I was always right in my framing of the world. Kerry has managed to find a balance of validating my emotions and experiences while also gently, without judgement, opening my eyes to my own flaws, and areas where I could improve…should I want to. She has also constantly encouraged me to stand in my truth and helped me discover who I really am, instead of who I was brought up to be. My confidence has shot through the roof – my voice is louder, my posture is different and I no longer fear social gatherings with people who hold different views. She has given me the tools to manage the anxiety which would eat away at me, allowing me to be self-reliant, and not reliant on her. She’s changed the way I think of the world, showing me that not everything is black and white, or right or wrong. But rather that everyone has different views and priorities, and instead of expecting them to change, the only viable option is to work on yourself.

After a year of intense therapy, I now feel comfortable tapering off our sessions to “when needed”. I rely on the tools she’s given me in dealing with my everyday challenges. At a time where I was mentally ready to make significant changes, she changed my life.”