I’ve been blessed to have Kerry as part of this journey…

I started seeing Kerry in 2015 at what felt like the lowest point in my life. I was struggling with depression and anxiety, physical ailments, difficulties in expressing emotions and maintaining healthy relationships and just generally knew I needed help. I also knew I needed to see someone who would understand that I did not see the mind and body as separate entities and that I expected that much of my physical ailments were very strongly linked to what was going on in my head.

Kerry was a great fit as a therapist for me. She created a space which felt safe enough for me to explore memories and experiences that I had not dealt with previously. She was supportive but also tough on me when it was needed. Dealing with the hard things is how we get past things and move forward!

I can honestly say that the integrated approach – psychotherapy, BodyTalk and hypnotherapy – has brought me now, just over a year later, to a place where I no longer dwell in long spells of depression and anxiety and have developed better relationships with my friends and family through learning to express myself. I don’t imagine that my work on myself is done (is it ever?) but I’ve been blessed to have Kerry as part of this journey so far and I expect I will continue to see her regularly in future.