I am far more aware now…

What did you experience as most valuable from the workshop (concepts, strategies, a particular move etc?)
What stood out for me is knowing that you don’t need to be fit and strong to defend yourself. Knowing you have a defense mechanism by using your fingers to poke the assailants eyes, your hands to grab the private area and the thrust of your hip and knee if placed on the ground with the assailant lying on top of you will give you time to escape. Something as simple as carrying a pen as your defense weapon to poke in the eyes if you are out walking or running on your own is a comfort as this also can help with a gap for you to escape.

If you would recommend the workshop to others why would you do so?
I would definitely recommend the workshop as these days one becomes blasé about the crime and invasions as we are used to living in a country where this happens on a daily basis. I am far more aware now and having learned various tactics and moves can help me should I ever be placed in a venerable situation. I also learned that in a hi-jacking situation, make sure you old on to your key as this can be used as a bargaining tool for you to get out of a vulnerable situation, especially when you have your children in the car – without the key your assailants cannot drive off. Obviously this is dependent on the aggression of the assailants – you need to assess the situation first, if they are aggressive, ask them nicely for your children and then give them your car, hand bag, phone etc.

How has this workshop affected your view of yourself and your safety?
This workshop has made me so much more aware of my surroundings when driving around, locking up at night or running in the street. I am much more alert and I am also aware that I don’t need physical strength to protect myself. I remind myself all the time that if placed in a vulnerable situation I have the strategic moves to protect myself.