I would definitely recommend the workshop to others!

What did you experience as most valuable from the workshop (concepts, strategies, a particular move etc?)
I thought the most valuable thing I learned was the various different defense strategies that you can use if being attacked. They are strategies/movements that don’t take a lot of strength. Most people think that you will never be able to fight off an attacker that is stronger than you are, but by using the movements that we learned, you realize that you can fight back and they can make a difference. I will always remember “eyes and groin”!!

If you would recommend the workshop to others why would you do so?
I would definitely recommend the workshop to others! I think it is something that every woman should do, and especially young girls. It is important to learn how to be assertive and to be alert and to try to prevent a rape/assault from taking place if possible. And if you are attacked it is important to learn some defense strategies in order to defend yourself or ward off the attacker so that you can flee. This workshop will teach you how to be more assertive and equip you with some excellent defense strategies in order to defend yourself. The workshop is very interactive which is great, you practice the strategies in different scenarios which hopefully will stick in your mind if anything had to happen to you. Kerry is very approachable and we were encouraged to participate and ask questions.

How has this workshop affected your view of yourself and your safety?
It has definitely made me more aware of the possibility of being attacked that I should know how to defend myself or get away if possible. It has taught me that an attacker is not always going to be a stranger, in most cases it could be someone that you know, so you need to be aware of inappropriate behavior and not be afraid to stand up for yourself if someone makes you feel uncomfortable and be assertive if necessary.