The changes were again almost immediately noticeable…

I contacted Kerry to do a session with my new 4year old mare, Jazz, who had just arrived from KZN in really poor condition. She was dehydrated and the vet was worried about her lungs, suspecting ulcers and all kinds of things. She had a virus as well, and wasn’t responding too well. Almost as I received the audio of Kerry’s first session with her, she started to improve. Kerry had found something to do with hydration, and tapped this out. Over the next 24 hours I could almost see her cells plumping out as she was finally able to use the water she was now drinking furiously. Her health improved in leaps and bounds and she started to put on weight and her coat grew glossy and shiny.

She had had a really rough few months, with lots of unscheduled trips and new homes – and I was worried about her settling in to her new home in Noordhoek. About 6 weeks after the first session, I asked Kerry to do a follow up. Jazz had settled quite well, but was still anxious and sensitive to possible changes. Her personality was emerging, and she became playful and a bit ‘nippy’, especially around feeding times. Under saddle, I noticed a reluctance that I worried may be due to soreness or similar. Kerry again worked with her via a photo, and the changes were again almost immediately noticeable. She seems to have strengthened in her body, and found a new grace and balance. She greets me with pricked ears and walks up to me confidently.

I really believe that she now trusts me, and our future together. She has started to make friends with other horses, as though she believes that she has a stable home now, and won’t be moved again in a hurry.

Jazz is now a confident, playful, respectful mare, who loves attention and carrots, and also appears to be really enjoying her work, both ridden and on the ground.