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Learn Why Today is so Powerful for Easing Stress & Achieving Goals


Today (Wednesday) is the perfect day to set intentions as it is a new moon. In my last post I explained the benefit of leveraging the moon cycle to ensure maximum output and less struggle (resulting in less stress).

This post will elaborate on the moon cycle so you are ready to embrace this way of living from today. Rather than paddle upstream learn when the best time is to exert your efforts and when is best to rest instead of struggle against the tide.

I am going to share a basic understanding of the moon and how it impacts on us. There is a lot of information out there and it can become quite overwhelming, especially when you start to focus on astrological influences as a whole. I’m going to keep it simple as a start and encourage you to do more research if you feel drawn to do so. I can recommend Jennifer Racioppi’s blog for information on current astrological influences.

In line with simplicity and cycles I’ll discuss the moon in the four quarters and what qualities and activity levels each quarter represents, as well as how this could possibly influence you. The lunar cycle is usually around 29.5 days with each quarter being approximately 7 to 7.5 days long.

Phase 1
New moon happens when the moon has waned to a tiny sliver in the sky and the nights are dark (i.e. the moon sits between the earth and the sun and so we don’t see the side the sun is shining on). Although there is no starting point in a cycle the new moon is generally referred to as the start of the cycle. New Moon is about new beginnings and renewal.

This first phase is a time for setting intentions and planting seeds (literally and physically). The energy of this time will support starting projects, particularly the research and planning, more so than the doing. It’s a good time to plan new exercise regimes or plan the outline of a book or article to be written, or to continue projects started in other cycles.

The first phase is when you plant and allow the planted seeds/goals/intentions to take root. In life, after planting seeds you then only provide water and allow the sun do the rest. You don’t need to be digging them up and checking on them every single day.

The same holds for your activity levels. Nurture and rejuvenate yourself and your ideas and trust them to take root as they need to without you doing it for them at this point. It also requires you to go inwards to feel rather than do. So the energy around this beginning phase is to go inwards and to feel out and tune in to what your goals, intentions and needs are and to plant these in the form of mentally setting them or, even better, writing them down.  Towards the second half of the week you may be more drawn towards actioning some of those goals or intentions as your energy increases.

Phase 2
The moon then waxes and becomes fuller until it reaches a quarter moon. This is approximately day 7.5 and this 2nd Phase represents emergence and really putting plans into action.

It is a time for producing, creating, and moving towards manifestation of your intentions and goals that you planted and planned in the first phase. It is not a good time to start anything new but rather to work on what has been planned and started already. Really get yourself out into the world as you apply yourself to your new exercise regime, project, book etc.  You will likely feel you have more energy, as well as inspiration and motivation, during this 2nd phase so really leverage this.

Phase 3
Phase 3 is Full Moon and happens on approximately day 15. The moon has now waxed to its maximum fullness and represents harvesting of what has been sown and actioned as these initial seeds reach full bloom (these may also have been planted in previous moon cycles and coming to fruition now). So from day 15 to approximately 22 it is a time to acknowledge and celebrate what has been achieved and to express gratitude for progress.

Just a side-note on full moons: some people find that a few days prior to and up to full moon they are more wired and experience insomnia. The full moon holds lots of energy and impacts on emotional states so those who are more sensitive will be impacted more than others.

I have found that it helpful to stand outside for 10 minutes before going to bed and to do some ‘moon gazing’!  Look at the moon, feel your connection to her and literally soak in the moon light. Focus on your pineal gland in connection to the moon (which is related to circadian rhythms and melatonin production).  This often helps me to sleep more restfully (and can help to balance your hormones and menstrual cycle but that’s for a whole other post!).

Also, your intuition is likely to be heightened at this time. If you are battling to sleep tune in to what is coming up for you and take some notes. At times this is when I receive some of my most powerful creative guidance. The secret is to not resist it and just allow yourself to tune in through focussing on the thoughts, images and sensations that are coming up for you.

Some people like to be with others to celebrate life around and on full moon. Others find it is easier to be alone during a time of more intense emotions and heightened intuition.

Phase 4
Finally, the moon wanes from approximately day 22 to day 29 in the 4th phase. This phase begins with the moon looking like a half moon again (it is actually called the 3rd quarter moon) and it wanes down to the new moon.

This phase represents completion and culmination of projects, intentions and goals. These may have been set in previous moon cycles. It’s a good time to tie up loose ends, reflect on projects, and assess what needs to change when starting over in the new moon phase.

This is also a good time to release and let go of old habits and beliefs that may have hindered progress in this cycle. It is also a good time to end relationships that are not working for you any longer.

The energy of this time is quieter and slower. Particularly towards the end of this cycle and into the new moon it is a time of rest and nurturing the self and keeping things on the down-low. You cannot achieve anything when exhausted and burnt out so a time of rest and renewal are vital before setting new goals and putting in the hard graft.

Knowing this now, how about planning and actioning or slowing down on the planning or actioning in accordance with the cycles? I have found it can be profound for energy levels. I experience much more flow and ease when I apply myself at the right times -for me that seems to be around days 5 to day 17 or so. So it’s not completely aligned to the phases but relates to 2nd and 3rd phases.

Remember we are all unique and you may experience the cycles slightly differently from others so try taking note of the phases, your energy levels, your emotions, your motivation and ability to focus etc. This is the case particularly if you are menstruating as the menstrual cycle, if not synched to the moon may create different energy states. With charting you should soon start to recognise a pattern.

As an example of putting this to use we sold our house in this last cycle. Firstly, I set the intention on new moon day to sell within the moon cycle. I set up the marketing to sell the house at that time and 2 days later posted the ads, put up the sign on our gate and basically listed the house (planting seeds). We had a number of people come and take a look but the first real interest came the day before full moon when someone said they were keen to make an offer (celebration, efforts paying off, fruition etc!).

The purchasers wanted a builder to come and inspect the house which was delayed and happened in the 3rd phase and then I sent the Offer to Purchase to them on what happened to be the beginning of the last phase. The OTP went back and forth a bit as we finalised details (tying up loose ends) and then culminated in us receiving the finalised offer document today to send to the lawyers (the day before new moon) That is the magic of harnessing the influence of the moon!

Over to you
So why don’t you give it a try. Here’s how:

  1. At some point today tune inwards and become aware of what you want to manifest and focus on in this new cycle. Be very clear about what that is, what it looks like, what it feels like etc
  2. Write that down somewhere and, for those who prefer ceremonies to ground intentions you could light a white candle, say your intention/s aloud and then blow out the candle.
  3. If you don’t have time on Wednesday then you have a day or two to still harness the new moon energy to plant seeds.
  4. Spend some time being clear on those intentions and preparing yourself by setting goals to reach those intentions or becoming clear on what actions are needed.
  5. When you feel inclined to, towards the end of the first phase or as you enter the 2nd phase start actioning those intentions. Leverage your energy and motivation to its fullest and have fun!
  6. As you enter the 3rd phase reflect on your progress and acknowledge and celebrate achievements. Continue reaping the rewards of energy and fruition until you enter the last phase
  7. In the last phase reflect on progress, what worked and what didn’t, tie up loose ends, let go of what didn’t work and release old beliefs. This is a quieter time. Consider socialising less and take some time to nurture and rejuvenate yourself upon completion of the cycle and before you enter the next cycle. You may feel that you’ll need to continue the quiet and nurturing into the new moon phase for a little. Honour what comes up for you.

So over to you now – put this process to the test starting today and I would love feedback and questions around your experience of harnessing the moon to leverage your energy, output, and stress levels.

BONUS:  I will be designing a template for you to track your energy, mood, motivation and other factors in accordance to the moon cycles so you can begin to consciously plan your life to leverage the times you feel your best and are most productive.

I will also post a link to a mini informational course on the moon including a moon calendar and forecast for this year, as designed by a friend and colleague.

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