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Are you tired of being tired or living small?

If you are a woman, or identify as a woman, who feels called to make an impact in the world but you’re held back by burnout, and/or overwhelm and living small and you’re ready to embrace the best version of you and step into your truth and power this group will provide the space and support to do just that…

YOU are the expert on you and in this space you’ll be supported to find your own answers rather than give your power away to others or try to do it all yourself without guidance or support.

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Picture of About Kerry Magnus

About Kerry Magnus

Kerry is a Holistic Psychologist and BodyTalk practitioner and supports women who are deeply called to make an impact in the world to embrace their purpose without burning out. She offers a unique body, mind and spirit approach to understand and transform the underlying patterns that create an overly sensitive stress response, physical imbalance and fatigue.

Through her own journey of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, Kerry discovered that there is a gift in the fatigue, as the body communicates that something needs to change and the journey involves not just healing the body but aligning with the soul and sharing that with the world.

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