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  • 3 Session BodyMind Balance (Pay in Full)

  • Opening Up to Abundance


    This meditation enables the listener to release any conscious and unconscious blocks that prevent an abundance of energy, support and life force. A wonderful meditation for anyone feeling overwhelmed, unsupported and tired.

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    Personalised Forecast Calendar


    The Oak Trees Of Spirit™ Forecast Calendar is a detailed look at the influences affecting the 12 months ahead for you, for guidance and clearer decision-making. The calendar acts as a spiritual guide providing insight into the energies surfacing within each month and the overall year. It includes a year planner and lunar phase guidance to encourage harmonious inspiration throughout the year. The 2018 forecast calendar and lunar guide are being offered at a discounted rate now as we are halfway through the year. Get this powerful information for only R260 now!

    You will receive four PDF downloads:

    OTOS™ Forecast Calendar Explained
    OTOS™ Forecast Calendar Insight 2018
    OTOS™ Forecast Experience Mandala
    OTOS™ Forecast Year Planner Jan-Dec 2018

  • Access Your Inner Strength

    Suggested Price: R97.00

    A guided relaxation meditation – useful to purposefully tune into the stronger, resourceful part of the self, that helps us to overcome challenges and difficulties in life and when we feel overwhelmed or lost. (14 mins)

  • Empowering the Inner Child

    Suggested Price: R97.00

    This gentle hypnotic regression will assist you to meet with your inner child in a way that feels safe. The process will also guide you to use your present-day adult self as a resource so the inner child feels empowered and supported. (23 min 08 secs)

  • Mindful Body Scan

    Suggested Price: R97.00

    A relaxation exercise/meditation based on scanning the body and becoming aware of replacing tension with relaxation. (23 mins)

  • Positive Suggestions for Relaxation

    Suggested Price: R97.00

    This is more of a hypnosis recording versus a meditation and contains a number of suggestions to the subconscious to encourage the brain to more easily access a relaxed state. (17 mins)

  • Safe Place Visualization

    Suggested Price: R97.00

    Using all the five senses this recording assists the listener to create a mental safe place to which they can retreat whenever is necessary. This mental sanctuary can be recreated as time goes on and according to needs. (25 mins)

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    She Let Go


    A guided mindfulness exercise to support the process of letting go physically and emotionally to allow more ease, flow and joy. (11 min 23 secs)

  • The Conscious Body Exercise


    The 3 Step Conscious Body Exercise is designed to help you to not only become aware of symptoms and tension but to also become conscious of what they may mean. (37 min)