How Are You Holding Up?

Would you like to learn more about your default psychological patterns that have created your exhaustion? When you become conscious of these ways of responding and behaving it can really empower you to make some changes and to improve your health and well being instead of feed your depletion.

Especially now.

There are very few people who are not triggered by the current pandemic. Of course it is going to trigger us on a deeply primitive level where our basic needs are threatened (more about that in the podcast). The good news is that this is a great opportunity to deepen your awareness of your default ways of being and to gain tools to respond in a way that will be far better for your health and well being.

Want to find out how? In this podcast I share this in relation to my own response over the last week and what I put in place and recommend for others. I hope you find value and a sense of empowerment in this.