Are you an Infinite Source of Energy or Do You Unknowingly Sabotage Yourself

In this podcast I share some very interesting information about how being a particular Human Design type can really make you prone to burnout or, conversely, result in you having infinite energy and ability to create. It all depends on whether you consider two important factors (which I share in the podcast).

If you have not already, then go online to research what Human Design type you are. You can use a site like this one. Please type in the comments below what type you are and then listen to the podcast to find out which Human Design type is particularly prone to burnout when certain principles are not taken into account and how you can rectify that. I’m sure that many of you will find that you are this particular type!

I’d love your feedback and thoughts on this. Also, for any HD gurus out there please add any information that may be relevant and correct anything I shared that was incorrect!!