7 Steps Out of Overwhelm & Into Your Centre

It took me a while but I FINALLY figured out when I was headed for burnout and what to do about it to prevent myself from going over the edge of that slippery slope into another crash. I’m happy to say that I now can manage my energy and even invite added vitality and joy into my life!

I created this podcast at a time (3 years ago) when I was definitely headed for another crash.

Learn what 7 steps I take to quickly get out of that place of overwhelm, time urgency and too much work into a place of more spaciousness, peace and ease. I’ve included The Stress Reset, a simple but powerful process I have discovered through my own journey of breaking the doing addiction.

AND THERE’S MORE: If you’re keen to learn more about how to identify your own flags/warning signs and what to do about them please join me for the Reclamation Challenge, Starting Thurs 14th September, to reclaim your power and health.