Free Workshop: Tuesday 17th August from 6pm to 7:30pm SAST/12pm ET/9am PT/5pm BST

Embrace Your Feminine Superpowers in Business for More Ease, Flow and Vitality.

Are you ready to stop playing small in your business or life?

Are you a heart-led entrepreneur, or do you have an offering or even an un-defined calling, and you wish to make a meaningful impact in the world but you keep being tripped up by overwhelm, burnout or fear?

Maybe you can feel the fire of your potential burning so strongly but your reality never seems to match up to that. You may even begin to doubt that inner calling or even consider just giving up.

Perhaps the more you hustle the more out of reach your potential feels and you KNOW there must be another way as this soul-crushing way does not feel right?

I learned the hard way.

All I knew was the model of hustle, effort, doing and achievement.

The value of my worth was determined by my outcomes and, little did I recognise, my entire sense of safety and identity was hinged upon this way of functioning and what I achieved.

Until I burnt out and was finally diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.

When I was brought to my knees it created the opportunity to do some much-needed soul-searching and I learned how to build myself up again in a different, empowered, more supported and balanced way.
And I gained so much more than my health back. I discovered more ease and flow, incredible synchronicities happened, my intuition blossomed, I experienced more peace and ease, and the benefits transformed my life, work and relationships.

No matter whether you have experienced burnout or if you have a deep sense that the way you’ve been doing business is not the best for you, in this Workshop I will share with you what I learned about balancing the feminine and masculine in business (and life) and the magic that unfolds when we do this.

You will learn:

I will share with you how to leverage natural cycles and rhythms to reduce stress and harness energy that supports productivity.

I will also share with you an embodied practice to re-wire the body and brain around different ways of creating and manifesting – whether that is through business or in life – to make you more receptive to heart-led creation versus head-led creation.

You will also receive a powerful bonus meditation to manifest more abundance – harnessing the creative potential of feminine energy.

I am bursting with passion to share what I have received in my life (and the knowledge that is making changes for my clients!)

If this resonates with you, please join me for my complimentary workshop, Embracing Your Feminine Superpowers in Business for More Ease, Flow & Vitality.

Tuesday 17th August from 6pm to 7:30pm SAST/12pm ET/9am PT/5pm BST
(If you’re in NZ or Auz I’m sorry – next one will be my morning time!)

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Yes, the principles and tools I share hold true for the creation of anything in your life and the benefits go beyond just business.

This workshop is available to anyone who identifies as a woman or if you have a strong desire to embrace the feminine energy in your life.
About Kerry Magnus

About Kerry Magnus

Kerry is a Holistic Psychologist and BodyTalk practitioner who supports women entrepreneurs to embrace their purpose in a soul-aligned business using their feminine superpowers to have more ease, flow and to prevent burnout.

This includes harnessing natural cycles and rhythms to reduce the impact of stress and leverage energy and times of productivity; and balancing the masculine and feminine energies to get more done in less time, experience more flow and to harness feminine wisdom and intuition.

Her coaching introduces embodied practices with a focus on body, mind and soul and puts the power and innate feminine wisdom firmly back in the hands of women ready to make an impact with their businesses and creations.