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Kickstart Your Year of Vitality & Health


Happy New Year!

It’s 2024 – the Year of MORE…

I have found in my life and in my coaching that physical healing and overcoming chronic fatigue and burnout go hand in hand with abundance.

It’s about allowing an abundance of spaciousness versus urgency, an abundance of vitality versus fatigue, an abundance of support versus overwhelm, an abundance of nourishment versus depletion, an abundance of empowerment versus powerlessness and of course an abundance of financial prosperity is very helpful.

The concept of more can be a tricky one for those who are already exhausted and burnt out. We often believe that to receive more means to deplete ourselves or work harder to get it.

Most of us are rooted in scarcity, fear, disconnection and self-reliance so it’s no wonder that we believe that.

However, abundance is about allowing more without having to DO more. It’s about receiving without needing to prove ourselves or earn it. It’s about recognising what we DO have versus getting stuck on what we lack.

This is so difficult to grasp for so many people, especially when we witness the world around us. Yet, we also tend to tie abundance to financial prosperity only and we feel that abundance is something that must come to us from outside.

In truth abundance is found in shifting into allowing the more that is already present within us and available to us in many different forms and when we allow that we begin to open to and receive even more.

But we need to be conscious about what we want and believe that is is possible. We also need to address our unconscious blocks and fears and bring them into the light where they can be released. I’ll leave you with two important questions:

1) What are you afraid could happen if you do receive the abundance you wish for (this may be unconscious)?

2) If you could trust that what you need will come to you and that you are ALLOWED to have more what more would you wish for in 2024? (comment below!)

I wish you that and so much more this year.


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