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Embrace Your Feminine Superpowers

How I was almost broken but yet I’m stronger and more alive than ever….


I’m guessing that you’re really hoping for someone to tell you the one best thing that’s going to make you feel like you have all the energy, confidence and joy you desperately desire?

If you’re honest with yourself I’m guessing you’re scared of anything that’s going to be hard work and you’d like your healing journey to just be an easy, upwards path of success and improvement? Of course, you do – you’re too tired to contemplate more. I get it- I’ve been there.

You may not want to hear this but unfortunately it’s seldom an easy, upwards path and it’s seldom that one magic bullet that makes it better. And when that one thing does make it better there’s often another crash that follows as soon as the next stressful period hits.

Because we must take some responsibility and do some work for lasting changes.

(keep reading…..there is hope!)

As humans we are motivated by pleasure and avoid pain and that’s why we often have to be brought to out knees by utter exhaustion to be willing to read an email like this and contemplate a different path to healing that doesn’t involve giving our power away to someone or something to make it all better but rather taking back our power to heal.

The good news is that when you understand how tremendous the gift is in the struggle and the ‘work’ you stop resisting it all (as much) and wasting so much energy. Then you start to receive what you need to heal. It actually becomes quite addictive as you see what “doing the work” brings.

If you don’t understand why I am saying you need to take responsibility and face some struggle to overcome burnout, chronic fatigue, adrenal depletion and chronic overwhelm it all comes down to the fact that your physical symptoms are the tip of the body, mind and spirit iceberg. You need to address the whole darn iceberg before you crash right back into it. Read more here.

The reason it’s scary to do the hard ‘work’ is that it often reminds us of when it felt hard when we were children and no one was there to jump into the pit with us and all the hard stuff (usually because our parents were taught by their parents to avoid all that hard stuff like the plague).

I’d like to show you a way that you can face the hard stuff in a supported and even nourishing way. Where you can feel deeply empowered in the midst of facing your powerlessness and can be guided by your inner shining light in the midst of facing your shadows. You don’t have to do it alone and you don’t have to know how. I can show you another way.

But, first, I want to share a story…..

The last three years of my life have been the hardest three years I’ve had in a very long time. Probably since I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome when my daughter was a year old. Firstly, there was that damn pandemic and all the fear and restrictions and loss it brought (you’ve all be impacted I’m sure). But there was also my husband losing his business; severe financial stress; having to leave our dream house, the city we’d lived in for 20 years, our families and our friends; then there’s been more financial stress which has impacted our marriage and our children. On top of that we lost two of our three pets last year and my son had the year from hell at school – which broke him and nearly broke us too. We’re still trying to patch him up and the trauma is not fully gone.

It’s still difficult but the thing is that besides the times when I had to crawl up and cry and hand it all over to the universe/God/whomever you believe holds us I’ve fortunately had the tools to recognise and trust that I’m in a cycle of transformation. I’ve been in that cocoon where we fall apart into a gooey soup of cells before we come back as a butterfly and that butterfly feels so darn near being ready. Without the struggle the magic that has happened wouldn’t be possible. AND I DIDN’T BURNOUT!

I’ve never lost sight of the fact that we’ve moved to a beautiful seaside town and community and I get to swim in the sea and walk on the beach whenever I want (it’s literally 2 minutes away). Our house is very small compared to where we used to live but it’s literally brought us closer! My husband has completely recreated himself and he’s about to launch a new business, while we still miss my family in Cape Town we’re just around the corner from my husband’s family and my mother is only 2 hours away instead of 5.

The most incredible thing that has come out of this is the almost magical unfolding of incredible synchronicities involving the creation of a cottage school of 7 children run by my children’s all-time favourite teacher from the school they were in last year. She is mindful, conscious, caring and deeply encouraging. My son is finding himself again and my daughter is thriving. I thought of the home-schooling vibe many times in the past but through the challenges of last year and deeply trusting the prompts from the universe we were shoved into this new experience AND IT’S AMAZING. I have also met very special friends, I’ve been surfing and dancing and I’m about to re-open my Rooted Membership group which was birthed through the challenges of last year.

I feel more alive, vital and connected than I ever have. Some days are still really hard but I trust in a way that I never trusted before. And because of that I have managed to rest and be nourished and not burn out as I appreciate the transformation that is happening through the struggle.

The most valuable tools I have used to support me through this process of transformation have been working with balanced feminine and masculine energy and with my feminine superpowers. These are superpowers you all have – regardless of what body you’re in.

I believe this time on our planet is calling all of us to rise into our fullest versions of ourselves (where we can stop being tired because we’re directly plugged back into life force, our bodies, our power and a deep sense of safety). And we’re more supported than ever to do just that. I want to share more with you about how to do this so you can also claim the fullest vitality available to you.

Join me on 16th Feb 2023 at 16h00 SAST/UTC+2 for the Embracing Your Feminine Superpowers for Vitality, Ease & Joy masterclass and show up live to learn about an amazing opportunity to be supported on your health journey and to potentially receive one of 5 complimentary coaching sessions with me (although a replay will be available for those who can’t make it).


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