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Your Doctor Won’t Address THIS Crucial Step


Why do you keep doing the same things that you know are going to consistently make you tired? You can even watch yourself doing it and can’t stop and then wonder what is wrong with you that you can’t just STOP and rest.

Or why is that even though you take the right supplements and eat a clean diet as your doctor said you should you still cannot seem to climb all the way out of the fatigue pit?

That’s because of unconscious psychological programming and patterns. These are behaviours and responses that were created at some point when your reptilian brain believed you were under threat of some kind and needed to put something in place to help you to feel more in control, good enough and safe.

The threat may have been obvious, such as as traumatic events, but may have been less obvious like experiencing frequent change as a child or having loving but anxious or depressed parents who were emotionally unavailable, or growing up in an environment with lots of unspoken conditions that had to be met to earn worthiness.

The crazy thing is that your very clever brain created these unconscious patterns in a way so that it became your normal and you didn’t and don’t notice these coping mechanisms, responses and behaviours in action. They are just your unique default and part of your unquestioned armouring and defence.

And they did serve you once upon a time.

It did serve you to be a high-achiever at school, to pick up the pieces for your mom, dad or friends, to always have a plan for everything, to keep people happy and be likeable, or to keep your emotions shut down to protect those you care about (or to avoid being rejected).

But as the years have passed and you’ve realised that it’s really exhausting to always be perfect; it’s overwhelming to have to carry emotions that actually belong to other people and to avoid your own; and carefully-made plans often don’t work out which then creates anxiety when you feel out of control, perhaps you have started to feel more worn down, a little jaded or even downright exhausted?

Maybe the doctor told you to stress less, or gave you an antidepressant or you went to a naturopath and began a gut cleanse and detox and it all helped a little but somehow just isn’t sorting it out for good?

Then more than likely your unconscious psychological patterns are sabotaging you. Your ego and psyche mean well and they’re just primed to keep you safe. However, perhaps it’s time to empower yourself with different ways of responding so that you don’t have to feel so darn tired because of the body and mind imbalance created by those unconscious patterns.

This is the basis of my Fatigue to Flow Coaching where I guide people in module 1 to understand how their psychological patterns are keeping them trapped in fatigue. This is followed by seven empowering modules where you can gain consciousness and learn more about how to overcome fatigue and instead invite ease and flow into your life, as well as what to put in place to feel more safe and able to let go into something a bit different.

Do you want to know more? Sign up here for a discovery call where I can shed a bit more light on the unconscious patterns influencing your fatigue.

Yours in Conscious Living

PS: Are you between 35 and 50 with a desire to reach your potential and to live a meaningful life yet you feel stuck and frustrated by chronic fatigue? If this is you and you are looking for answers and a way to take control of your health and life, and if the 1:1 Fatigue to Flow coaching doesn’t feel right for you, you may benefit from the same 5 stage Fatigue to Flow process as we go through it in the Rooted Membership group. Take a look here.


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