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Change Your Beliefs to Free Up Energy


Our brains can be too smart.

Leading to unquestioned beliefs that shape our experiences and even our health and fatigue.

These clever brains are sometimes just too rational and logical while on the mission to protect us. Consider that your brain figures that X = Y and if Y is bad then that means that X is bad and we must avoid and be afraid of X. This is great when X is sticking your hand in the fire and Y is a bad burn. This is not good when X is walking in a shopping centre and Y is a panic attack that happens and then X is associated with Y and walking in a shopping becomes a bad thing.

This loose association can happen quite easily resulting in irrational and limiting beliefs.

Lately, I have been seeing this playing out with a lot of my clients in the form of X being the last time I was happy and Y being something bad happened i.e. I was not too worried about life and just getting on with living and then my partner had a heart attack, I lost my job, my child died etc.

This may sound crazy but we can actually form unconscious beliefs that it’s not safe to trust good because bad follows this. The brain can only pin the X on the good thing that preceded bad as the thing that needs to be avoided or not trusted.

Does this resonate with you?

Because I can’t tell you how many people I see where this belief is unconsciously running their lives and keeping them small and unwell.

This belief has been present in certain ways in my life for too long and has lately come up to be released. I’ve recently been going through a contraction phase in my life i.e. I’ve been feeling more anxious, overwhelmed and stressed which then results in more doing and busyness and then more fatigue.

I now know this pattern well and have come to learn that this can be an opportunity for shifting something that is preventing me from having well-being – usually an old pattern or belief that is ready to be processed (but it creates fear, contraction and fatigue as it becomes more conscious). We can either suppress it and get stuck in the contraction or address it and free up energy.

Last week I had what could have been seen as a bad luck week (bad news after bad news, unexpected costs and a broken-down car) yet I also saw so much abundance in it at the same time (like magic coincidence-type of events) and I was wondering why I can’t just allow abundance in my life – particularly financial but also time, energy, health etc. I have so much more of this than I did even two years ago but with the good there always then comes more bad (which I know I manifest myself).

While chatting to a listening partner I realised that I hold a belief that something good is going to be followed by something bad. This then plays out into not trusting the good, not allowing the good and it’s safer keeping small etc, as well as also manifesting more challenge because it’s not allowed to just be good and easy.

So I used a useful and powerful process to tackle this belief. This process is based on the fact that our perceptions and beliefs shape our reality and there are many versions of what we can choose to be our reality once we become more conscious of what we are choosing.
(Try this if you have a similar belief):

  1. I told myself this belief is only one version of reality and doesn’t have to be my truth. I then thanked the belief for trying to protect me and I imagined that I burned that belief as it no longer serves me (or destroy it in whatever way works for you!)
  2. I asked “What if it (the belief) is not true?” I realised how much more I would trust the good things in my life and how I would allow myself to relax into the good things. I then felt this in my body and experienced the ease I would feel and joy related to the good things.
  3. I asked “What if the opposite is true?“. In this case I chose “When something good happens nothing bad will happen” i.e. bad things may happen at times but the bad thing is not going to happen as a result of and immediately following the good thing. I actually felt quite tearful as I gave myself permission to imagine that and allow that to be my new reality. There was such a relief in just accepting and allowing and receiving the goodness and not worrying that something bad would happen.

What was even more interesting was I suddenly became aware of why this is playing out for me now and how it has always linked into all the holding and doing that creates fatigue.

I had an incredible month in July where I manifested money, amazing energy and focus and realised a long-held dream. Then I went into this contraction and anxiety and have been pulled back into the desire to push, do and strive. Why?

I’ve unconsciously been afraid that something bad will happen because I received something good so I need to work harder in an effort to keep or earn or be worthy of that goodness and then perhaps I won’t lose it. Unconsciously I believe it’s not allowed to be that easy……

Wow, that is just plain crazy and exhausting but I think a lot of you will know what I mean?

Can you resonate with what I shared here today?

Our unconscious beliefs can deeply impact our health, holding and fatigue. Beliefs like, “I am not worthy unless I am caring for others” or “life is a struggle” or “I have to work hard for what I want as it won’t come easily” etc. If you resonate with these try the little exercise above and let me know how it goes……It can be very powerful!


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  1. I enjoyed reading this. As I got to the end a saying I’ve heard before “enjoy it while it lasts” which insinuates that things will get worse if they are good or even okay right now popped into my awareness. This blocks me from trusting in, being with and surrendering to the goodness or what is in this moment.

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