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5 Ways to Reconnect With Your Energy & Balance


Do you often day dream about having more energy and being filled with passion and joy every day?

Well, take it a bit further…..

Imagine a parallel universe where we are all deeply connected to our bodies -where we listen to what our bodies need for nourishment and healing.

Imagine a parallel experience where we recognise our imbalance and honour it with rest, food and whatever else it needed.

Imagine a way of living where we honour our rhythms and cycles and do not expect the same from our bodies regardless of the season, time of day, time of month or even despite other circumstances happening that may be demanding more energy.

Imagine a world where we take time to tune in and to listen to our intuition and to follow it no matter how crazy it may seem to others or how much it goes against what the ‘experts say we ‘should’ or ‘shoudn’t’ do – a way of living where you are the expert and you stop giving your power away to others.

Imagine not feeling guilty to take time to rest and sleep when your body needs it or simply taking time out because you’re feeling a bit off.

This is really not far-fetched as this was how humans once were and some still are (particularly cultures who have held onto their roots and follow ancient practices). If you read Anita Diamant’s book, The Red Tent, you can gain a good understanding of how life was. When women were menstruating that time was honoured and they would all come together, quietly and in community, to honour themselves as women, the power of their bodies and the monthly ritual that many of us curse.

Where could we possibly find time to sit in a tent for a week and be still? It’s laughable isn’t it?!

However, men and women alike are paying the price for not creating time out (and that doesn’t have to be in a tent or for a week!) with increasing cases of burnout, hormone disruption, chronic and adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, automimmune disorder and so many other manifestations of imbalance.

Have you ever considered that these manifestations of imbalance are messages from our bodies to implore us to restore more of the old ways of being. The ways that we are designed to live?

If we listened to our bodies we would all know way before the diagnoses are meted out that there is imbalance that needs to be rectified.

However, we’ve lost the ability to listen. We’ve disconnected from our bodies. We’ve given away our power to the many books and experts telling us what is best for our bodies. We’ve filled our time with other more seemingly-important activities that ignore the needs of our bodies.

That said, I’ve noticed that people are starting to take note. I’m meeting more and more people that want to live more consciously and who are tired of merely surviving when they are aware that this is not actually normal and life could be so much more fulfilling and inspiring.

The good news is that we never have lost the innate ability to tune it and to listen. Our bodies have a splendid power to come back to balance when given the chance. I see this time and again in my practice where I use the modality of BodyTalk which assists the bodymind complex to align to balance.

However, you do not necessarily need BodyTalk or any other modality. You can also start this process on your own and here’s how:

1.Acknowledge your body and mind as a whole. Recognise that your stress, the food you eat, the emotions you feel, the lack of sleep and all these seemingly unrelated factors are deeply related to our overall balance, health and wellness. Honour the power of your body and mind and this interconnection.

When you merely perceive something at work as stressful your very clever and loyal body immediately prepares you for fight or flight. The problem is that this is happening way too often and too unconsciously. Just becoming aware of what you feel and what happens in your body as a result, what you put in your body and what happens in response, and how much you expect from your body day in and day out regardless of where you body is at, can be hugely empowering to you. Take back your power by recognising and acknowledging your body and the body and mind connection.

2.Breathe. Yes, you are already breathing but I can almost guarantee you that you are not breathing fully and deeply. Most of us tend to breathe in a shallow way that does not meet our needs to nourish our blood with oxygen and to clear out the toxins. Deep, slow breathing is a sign of relaxation and balance. When we consciously breathe like that we tell our bodies that they are relaxed and in balance and they become relaxed and balanced.

Breath into the belly so that it expands like a balloon and imagine the oxygen nourishing all your cells. Breath out from the belly and let go of stress, carbon dioxide and toxins.

3.Listen to your intuition. Next time you eat something or say yes to an invitation don’t listen to the stories in your head. Feel it. What does it feel like in your body? Here is an exercise to practice listening for a yes or a no.

4.Track your cycles. One way to do this is if you are female and menstruating. Notice how your energy levels, emotions, cravings, sleep and dreams change at different times of your cycle.

Regardless of whether you are menstruating or not, or male of female, track your energy levels, emotions and sleep according to the cycle of the moon. When you recognise your patterns your can plan your life around these to honour the times your body has less energy and needs more rest. This tracking tool can help with the process.

5.Create a daily check-in practice. Just take 5 minutes a day to feel what your body feels like. Where are you holding tension? Where is there discomfort? Where do you feel light and loose? What has changed since the last time you tuned in? Perhaps you can start to add another 5 minute practice at another time of the day. Perhaps you can set an alarm to remind you when to stop?

As you continue to follow these practices in a way that works for you, and the more you listen, the more you are giving your body the message that you care and that it (your body) is important (yes your body does ‘listen’ and feel) and the more aware and empowered you will become.

Take back your health and access your inner power by beginning a relationship with your body today….


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