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Conscious Parenting
Kerry Magnus

Sending my heart to school

Every mothering bone in my body (and that’s all of them including the 26 bones in each foot that get abused by jettisoned Lego/Duplo pieces) drive me to prevent my children from feeling any form of pain – be that physical or emotional. I believe that the expression “Hell hath

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8 Tips for a More Conscious Life

  In my last post I wrote about the benefits of living a more conscious life which is all good and well but of little use to anyone without information on HOW to do this. When referring to living a conscious life I am talking about living with an awareness of

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10 June 2016 Discipline or Destruction?

I have been battling to put my finger on this exactly but have now been able to put into words why I find the discipline balance so very difficult with my daughter. I am often conflicted about when to draw the line on disobedience that is also self-expression. My daughter can be

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