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Let’s be honest…we are not bad mothers.

I initially wrote this in May after a couple of rough months with Tyler due to his reflux and general digestive discomfort making it difficult for him to sleep. A few days ago, I heard a mother at school say that she had told her daughter to shut up after she just would not stop

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Living small to keep others happy

It’s amazing how we can think we have done a lot of self-work and shifted many things when something completely new comes up or a different degree or angle of it comes up (back to that damn onion that always seems to have another layer!). For me personally, I have once again been

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16 November: The Art of knowing when to let go.

When I was a chid we were told we couldn’t leave the table until we were finished. If I tell Jocelyn to eat her supper and she won’t leave the table until she is done we will be there until midnight and beyond. Lately, as my three year old is

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