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15th January 2015: Thank goodness for second chances!

And then there were two..... I cannot believe how different it is being a parent of a second child versus the first time. It is so easy and it is so difficult. It is easy because you've been there and done that and tend to be more relaxed and you know

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How I have stayed sane in the last 8 months..

There have been plenty of moments in the last 8 months when I have really felt like I was LOSING it - falling apart and generally becoming a little (lot) deranged! I have many tools that I have learned over the years but one that I always fall back on

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Doing it a little differently

So much for regular diary entries! Suddenly I find myself with an almost 9 month old baby and I have not had a chance to spend much time on my blog - resulting in 16 rough drafts I have not been able to polish and post. If I have to be

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July 2015: 8 months in and riding the wave

It's been pretty rough but somehow I am not experiencing it the same as I did before. I have stopped resisting and have really got into riding the wave of ups and downs, knowing it will pass. I feel like my plea for ease in my life has finally been

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